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Question about Testing "Tissue"

If your "tissue" (I hate using that word, can someone give me a better one?) was sent of to be tested after your early miscarriage, did you hear anything back either way from your Dr.?

I heard my Dr. tell the nurse to send it off, but he didn't speak to me about testing directly, so i'm just wondering if it's common to hear anything back, and what exactly they might be testing for?

Re: Question about Testing "Tissue"

  • We discussed it at my follow up appointment.  My doctor said they tested for general chromosomal abnormalities.  They didn't find anything abnormal in my test results but my doctor said that pretty common too.

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  • The tissue tested in my case was placental tissue rather than an early miscarriage, but I think it's also possible that you'd have a result like mine.  In my case, the tissue had died already and they were unable to grow and diagnose new cells from it.  It was disappointing that we were never able to know for sure that our baby had the genetic problem the doctors suspected, but I think no growth is another fairly common test result.  
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  • I was told my tissue was being sent for testing, and at my follow-up the doc told me that they had confirmed it was embryonic tissue.  Duh.  They didn't send it for chromosomal testing.

    I'm so sorry for your loss.

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  • They tried to do testing when I lost my twins, but they called and said that the sample wouldn't grow and they weren't able to.
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