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When do they stop

putting everything in their mouths??? At how what age do kids usually stop putting everything, including the dogs tails, in their mouths? I want to take the babies outside when the weather gets better to play in the back yard, but I don't want them to eat the back yard.
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Re: When do they stop

  • usually around 2yrs old.  some kids do it less earlier on- but on average about 2.

    my boys are 20mo and don't do it that often anymore- but still will on occasion so i always have to watch.


  • Ditto PP. My 22 month old will occasionally put his older brothers' legos or kinex in his mouth so we have to really watch him around that stuff.
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  • My kids are almost 20 months and they still sometimes put things in their mouths. Some days more than others, but I still have to watch them and their toys.
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