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I am jealous of your Tools of the Mind preschool.  We don't have any here yet with that curriculum, but I just finished reading the book and I have seen the studies.  It sounds amazing.  I think my DD would love it. 

Is your LO in it now or are they starting?

Do you see a difference?

Re: lite-bright

  • Yeah, I was kind of jazzed the more I read about it! 

    We have DD1 registered to do two half-days starting this fall, so I'll have to get back to you on whether I see a difference! But given her personality and tendencies, I think that the planning-and-follow-through aspect of the curriculum is going to be really good for her. I toured three different district preschools (all the same curriculum, just wanted to see which location would work best) and I really liked what I saw. Great energy, lots of fun, and lots of creative play stations for the kids.

    Like I mentioned, we're also having her evaluated by the district to possibly get some speech and/or developmental services. If they decide she needs them, then we've been told they'll want her there four days a week -- which seems like a lot to me, but I also think it has the potential to help her make big progress. 


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