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"Mama" Babbling- THANK GOD!

Ok I "get" that it's easier for them to say "Dada".....but really?  I'm home with them ALL DAY and for the last 6 weeks all I've heard morning until night is "Dadaadadada"...and now it SEEMS like A is starting to say "Dada" with purpose.

DH could tell I was ready for the "Mamama" to start so he's always saying it to them.  Last night I THOUGHT I heard A say it..but I also that it was a mirage.  An imaginary "mama" palm tree in the midst of a "Dada" desert.  Now today three or four times I've found her saying "mamamamama."

I'm 100% sure that she is not actually calling me "Mama," but it doesn't matter!  I'm just so happy to hear ANYTHING else but "Dadadada!!!"

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Re: "Mama" Babbling- THANK GOD!

  • I can't wait for that day; to hear Mama.
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  • Yay. 

    E says Bob or maybe its bababababa :)  And Z says DaDa.  

    I can't wait till they say mama!

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  • An imaginary "mama" palm tree in the midst of a "Dada" desert


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  • image Ruby_Tuesday:

    An imaginary "mama" palm tree in the midst of a "Dada" desert


    Heheheh I laughed at this too.

    I'd take any noise other than crying today.

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  • I am still dada.  ;)

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  • DD says "Mama" and DS says "Dada". Hey, at least they aren't playing favorites!! Stick out tongue
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