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Can I join???

I've been lurking over here like a crazy woman for the past 2 weeks. But, we just got back from our 2nd u/s at 8w1d and I'm feeling pretty good about everything. Babies are measuring on track, and I graduated from hi:)
After 4 years, I'm finally a mom!!! Sophia was born on Dec 5, and is a result of IVF #2:)
FET #2 Jan 2011 beta 13dp5dt=1004; beta 19dp5dt=8176

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Re: Can I join???

  • Congratulations, and welcome!
  • congrats! welcome to the 1+twins club! Your DD will be about the same age as my DS was when i had the twins- it's a good age split I think :)


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  • ummmm....heck YAY! :) So excited for you guys.
  • Congrats! H&H 9 months to you Smile
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  • congrats and welcome!
    How to tell my boys apart

    The different types of twins and triplets
    Jack, Sydney and Carynne, Annaleigh, JW, Eden...forever in our hearts.
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  • GREAT news!!! Glad to see you over here. I post way more over on SAIF, but have found this board really helpful.
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  • Welcome!  Glad you have "officially" joined us! 
    2004-Started TTC; Nov 2007-Lap with endo removed; Jan 2008-Ectopic (mtx); April 2008-IVF #1 (bfp, twin girls); March 2011-FET (cp); June 2012-IVF #2 (bfp, singleton, EDD 3-19-12)

    ***Twin fraternal girls born at 35w6d in 12/2008***

  • YAY!!  So excited to see you here!
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  • Congratulations and welcome! H&H 9 months to you!
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