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Introduction and help with Nuchal Fold Scan Results

Hi there,

 I've been lurking around since I found out we were having twins a few months ago, but I am now 15 weeks with identical twins and feeling comfortable enough to come out from behind my computer screen.

One of the reasons I wanted to jump onto this board was that I received differing information on my nuchal fold scan. The first results came back and we were told were negative. Our ratios were quite high, so nothing to worry about. I'm 33, by the way, with no genetic diseases present in mine or husband's family.

 Then a few days later, our OB called and said the nuchal folds measured differently on both babies. Twin A was still in the negative, but Twin B was not - it was measuring in the 95%, meaning on a bell curve, 95% is good. However, she said since they are identical, they were concerned they were not measuring the exact same. This could be a first indicator of Twin Twin Transfusion, heart defects, genetic disorder, etc. We are meeting with the fetal medicine doc on Wednesday and they are going to walk us through everything.

 I'm trying very hard to not focus on what could go wrong, but rather all that is right. It's harder than I let onto my husband. I'm trying not to worry, but wondering if anyone else has had this scare and what it meant to them, how they handled it, etc.

 Thanks for your help,


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Re: Introduction and help with Nuchal Fold Scan Results

  • I am sorry you are dealing with this.  Mine are not identicals but my Twin B had a thick nuchal fold at our NT scan at 10.5 weeks.  We were told to and had an amnio at 15.5 weeks and all turned out fine.  We had such a miserable time between those weeks though :(  Make sure you seeing a specialist who is an expert and has done numerous amnios on multiples if you go that route.  Feel free to PM me with any questions, take care and hang in there, keep focusing on the positives. 
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  • My coworker's wife is having ID twins and went through the exact same thing. One had a high NT measurement, and the other was normal. Everything else looked great, though, so they decided to just wait and see. Now she is 27 weeks, and the babies both look healthy, but one is significantly bigger than the other. (I think at one point, they had a discordance of 20% or more, but now they're down to a 14% difference.

    No TTTS, no genetic disorders (that they can tell in utero), just two different sized little boys. 

    Hang in there, there is hope! I think the fact that one looked excellent is a good sign. Being identical, if one has a genetic disorder, they both must have it - or not.

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  • TTTS sucks. But going to a MFM is great. Make a list of your millions of questions so you can be prepared and don t forget a thing! My girls were identical and had TTTS/IUGR. It is crazy all the testing they have had us do. Keep Us posted
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