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i've had a truely horrible day... (long vent)

I'm sorry if this is not what you want to hear but I actually miscarried today. I won't go into detail but it was not what I was expecting. I woke up at about 4:30 am (for work) and started having very painful cramps. I almost called off but I was suppose to work this weekend and I know my boss was expecting me in Monday and I was going to be the only one in that could do what needed to be done so I went. I ended up having to go through it all at work. Hindsight being 20/20 I wish I stayed home.

Then a coworker tells me that in Georgia they are trying to pass a law about pg women proving they had nothing to do with their m/c or they could go to prision and/or get sentenced to death. Talk about an ill-time info session.

Of course I come out to my desk to be greated by a girl I work with who got accidently pg with her third after telling me she was done having kids and then a guy I work with texts that his gf who he accidently KU'ed had their baby this morning. My boss actually brought her phone over to me to show me the picture even though she knew what I was going through. I litterally booked it out of the room to go cry in my car bc I couldn't take everyone talking about how cute and tiny she was and how excited dad looked, etc.

All I could think was that my baby was born today too... just 30 weeks too early.

FML and F IF!!! Angry 

Sorry for the downer post I just had to get that off my chest :(

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Cycle #7: 1/10/11 = Surprise BFP after 3rd failed treatment cycle!!!    2/24: m m/c @ 10w0d

4/11: Natural Cycle = BFP!!
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Re: i've had a truely horrible day... (long vent)

  • On the plus side, at least it's over, I didn't need the D&C and we can start to pick up the pieces and move on with our lives.
    TTC #1 since Oct 09 Dx w/Anovulation

    Cycle #7: 1/10/11 = Surprise BFP after 3rd failed treatment cycle!!!    2/24: m m/c @ 10w0d

    4/11: Natural Cycle = BFP!!
    IT'S A BOY!!! :)
    Brady: Born 12/25/2011 - Our Christmas Day Miracle!
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    TTC #2 June 13
    Cycle #1: BFP!
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  • Oh honey I'm so sorry you had to deal with all of this today. ((hugs))
    TTC Since 2/2009
    2/2010 - 5/2010 Testing with OBGYN
    8/2010 First RE Appointment
    11/2010 Second Opinion RE Appointment
    12/2010 Clomid + IUI #1 = BFN
    1/2011 Clomid + IUI #2 = BFN
    2/2011 Clomid + IUI #3 = BFN
    5/2011 IVF #1, ET 6/2, Beta 6/15 = BFN
    8/2011 FET ET 9/12 = BFN :0(
    On a break to save money.
    1/2012 IVF #2 ER 1/12, ET 1/15, Beta 1/27 = BFFN
    4/2012 FET ET ??/?? =
    p/saif welcome
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  • I'm so truly sorry for your loss. It is awful that the people you work with couldn't be more sensitive.

    Me 29 I DH 28
    Married in April 2007
    One Furbaby - Adorable Pitt Mix
    15 Months TTC....2nd Cycle of Letrozole - Success!
    Expecting our first two little miracles - Boy/Girl Twins! - EDD March 3, 2017
    High Risk Pregnancy - Type 1 Diabetic; Hypothyroidism; Di/Di Twin Pregnancy

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  • awe sweetie i am so sorry. I will say a prayer for you! I too wish you would have stayed home. Take it easy the rest of the night. *Big Hugs* to you!!!
    TTC #1 with PCOS since 1/10

    6/10-10/10 Clomid 100&150mg~ cancelled,no response,Provera

    11/10 Gonal F+Lupron trigger- OHSS,coast,trigger,no O,Provera

    Lap 12/28/10- Polyps and Endo removed

    April 11 IVF #1~ <3twins<3= m/c 5w3d D&C 5/20

    June 11 IVF #2~ m/c 6w1d D&C 9/1

    2 copies of MTHFR found: C677T & A1298C

    Jan 12- 2000mgs Metformin

    May 12 IVF #3- Lupron 5/29,Stims 6/8,ER 6/17-25R, 20M, 16F w/ICSI,3 snowbabies, ET 6/22 of one 5AA blast, Beta #1- 62, Beta #2- 98.6, Beta #3- 196. Please let this be our sticky take home baby

    **Praying 3rd time's the charm!!**

    ~*All Are Welcome*~

    .:Impatience is not a fertility issue:.

  • I'm so sorry you are going through this - it is so not fair.
     TTC #1 since 6/09
    Dx: PCOS and MFI
    3 IUIs, 4 IVFs = BFFN
      3rd RE: IVF #5/FET = BFP
    14dp5dt=1170 16dp5dt=2573

    1st u/s=
    It's a Boy and a Girl!

    Born at 34w3d! 

  • Thanks for your support ladies. This is the ony place that I feel like I can say all those things together. I don't think I could talk to my mom or sisters about it with out feeling like I was whining. I guess it's just something about saying that all out loud at once. Don't get me wrong, they would be supportive but I would feel weird about it.

    Trust me I have had so many "its just not fair" meltdowns... it totally itsn't and it blows.

    And for the record, only my boss new I was even  pg let alone having a m/c. Everything else was just very poorly timed. Normally my boss is a very caring considerate person but I don't know if she just forgot in the excitement of the new baby or what. But seeing a picture of a new born was not what I wanted at that moment :(

    TTC #1 since Oct 09 Dx w/Anovulation

    Cycle #7: 1/10/11 = Surprise BFP after 3rd failed treatment cycle!!!    2/24: m m/c @ 10w0d

    4/11: Natural Cycle = BFP!!
    IT'S A BOY!!! :)
    Brady: Born 12/25/2011 - Our Christmas Day Miracle!
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    TTC #2 June 13
    Cycle #1: BFP!
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  • I am very sorry for your loss.  ((big hugs))
    TTC since 07/2009
    Me: PCOS, Blood/Immune Issues DH: Low all 3
    Jun.- Sep. 2010 IUI#1-#3 = BFN
    Oct. 2010 = IVF #1 = B/G Twins (passed away Feb. 2011)
    May 2011 = Myomectomy and trans-abdominal cerclage (TAC)
    Sep. 2011 = Surprise BFP = C/P
    Feb. 2012 = sFET #1 = BFN
    Feb.2012 = Hail Mary IUI #4 = BFN
    April/May 2012 = FET #2 w/our last two embies = BFP (Please let this be it!)
    Beta #1 8dp5/6dt = 234 Beta #2 10dp5/6dt = 695 Beta #3 12dp5/6dt = 1796 Beta #4 17dp5/6dt = 17,888 U/S #1 May 17, 2012 = Twins
    Baby B's heart stop beating at 9 weeks 5 days
    Our little miracle baby is a boy. :)

    Baby Boy Owen and Baby Girl Avery were born too early on Feb. 13, 2011 due to a pedunculated fibroid, incompetent cervix and suspected placental abruption.
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    "What the heart has once owned and had, it shall never lose." - Henry Ward Beecher
    SAIF/PAIF Welcome
    Lots of love and luck to my PAIF/3T/IF Veteran ladies, especially my dear friend Zookie. Congrats to Papps, Teach84 and Starbuck on their little ones.
  • I am so sorry. Sending you HUGE (((HUGS)))
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  • I am so very sorry for your loss.  ((HUGE HUGS))  Take care of yourself, hon.

    image image

    ~SAIF/PAIF/Everyone Welcome~ 

    Me= 37 and DH = 41 

    Dx: DOR, Endo, APA+ (really high beta 2 glycoprotein antibody and high everything else tested), heterozygous MTHFR mutation, positive for lupus anticoagulant, high FSH, low AMH and both tubes blocked (per HSG on 3/8/11)

    IVF #1 - long lupron (with HGH, intralipids, lovenox and BA); 4 retrieved, 3 fertilized; ET 2 blasts and 1 frozen = BFN

    IVF #2 - a version of antagonist with EPP (with HGH, intralipids, lovenox and BA); 6 retrieved, 4 mature, 3 fertilized, 2 blasts and 1 frozen blast transferred on day 5 = BFN.

    IVF #3 April was postponed to May, May was canceled. June/July was canceled. Had a cyst aspiration and then began IVF #3 in August. ER on 8/22; ET on 8/24 with AH. +HPT on 9/5. Beta #1 (11dpo) = 3; Beta #2 (15dpo) = 29; Beta #3 (17dpo) = 60; Beta #4 (19 dpo) = 118. Heartbeat at 6 weeks 6 days =132.  Lil is here!

    TTC#2:  Trigger + TI = BFN; Clomid + Trigger + IUI = BFN.

    IVF #4:  BCP + MDLF + Lovenox = 7R, 1F = Transferred 1 6-cell embryo on day 3 = BFN

    IVF #5:  MDLF + Lovenox = 4R, 1F = Transferred 1 10-cell compacting embryo on day 3 = BFN

    IVF #6:  (New RE):  Long Antagonist November 2014 (transferred two 8 cell grade 1 embryos and froze one blast) = BFN

    FET#1:  BFN

  • Oh my...((hugs)) I am so sorry for your loss :(  thoughts and prayers are with you. It takes a certain kind of woman to be able to go thru what women with IF issues go thru and I just want to say I admire the strength of you and all the other ladies here...hope things start to look brighter and hope you get to rest it off.. :)
    TTC w/ PCOS since 11/10

    ....I carry three precious angel babies in my heart....

    bfp #4 6/7/12 expecting our little love bug 2.15.13, we are so in love!

    (my little blog) Avila Story

    "And be sure of this; I am with you always, even to the end of the age."-Matthew 28:20

  • I am so very sorry for you loss. Wilted Flower
    DS born 12/2011
    DD born 03/2014

  • I am very sorry for your loss.    I hope things get better for you soon.
    TTC since 1/10
    dx with PCOS 1/11
    1/11 Started Clomid 100mg but stopped treatment due to testing for another problem
    2/11 Clomid 150mg/Ovidrel/Progesterone Suppliments = BFP!
    Had my beautiful baby girl November 10, 2011

    BFP w/Baby #2 October 2012 Due Date June 15th 2012
  • I'm so so sorry.  I hope you and your DH can move quickly through the grieving process.  Its such a difficult time (we had an early m/c, too).  (((hugs)))
  • I'm so sorry for your loss and for the horrific day you had to endure.  (((Huge Hugs)))

    TTC since Sept. 2009, but have not taken BCP's for the past 8 years.

    PCOS/Anovulation/MTHFR/Dermoid removed from left ovary 2009/Left Hydrosalpinx. DH S/A=normal per RE.

    Sept. 2009-June 2010=Clomid + TI=BFN...1 BFP=C/P

    July 2010=1st RE appt.; Clomid 150mg & Metformin ER + IUI=BFN

    Aug. 2010=Femera 5mg & Metformin ER + TI=BFN.

    Sept./Oct. 2010=Follistim & Meformin ER + IUI=BFN

    Nov/Dec. 2010=IVF; 12/17=ER 18; 15 fertilized; 12/22=ET 2 blast; 8 frosties; + hpt on 12/29; M/C

    April 2011=FET; 4/12=ET; + on hpt 4/16; Beta 13dpo=61; 18dpo=424; 25dpo=6876; 5/11=1st u/s w/hb @ 135bpm
  • I'm so, so sorry.

    I had a miscarriage early this month.  It rots.  I hope the rest of your day and week is filled with more thoughtful people.

    We said goodbye to our baby on November 16th...
  • I am so sorry for your loss.  I'm glad you know you can come here to let it out anytime.  {{{hugs}}}

    Diagnosed PCOS 2/07, TTC #1 since 8/09
    11/10 - Clomid Round 1 = BFN
    12/10 - Clomid Round 2 = BFN
    1/11 - Voluntary Break = BFN (duh)
    2/11 - Clomid Round 3 = BFN
    3/11 - Femara + IUI = BFP * Beta#1=56 * Beta#2=266
    *Cautiously expecting baby girls on November 28, 2011*
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  • Sorry to hear that! Some people have the worst timing, sorry you had to go through that at work!
    TTC since 5/2010

    Diagnosed PCOS 8/2010

    Cycle 1-3 Clomid= No O

    Cycle 4 Clomid (200mg AND 250mg) 3/2/2011- BFN

    2.5mg, 5mg, AND 7.5mg Femara 5/22/2011- BFN

    Femara + Menopur + IUI 7/1/2011= BFP!!!

    Beta 1, 12dpiui=49, Beta 2, 15dpiui=153!!!

    Lauren Harper born April 2, 2012!


    PAIF/SAIF Welcome!
  •  I am so, so sorry.  That is just absolutely awful to have to go through at work.  I don't know how you did it.  ((((hugs))))
    [IMG]http://i55.tinypic.com/2d989rq.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i51.tinypic.com/pbz9d.gif[/IMG]

    [url=http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2906dc]My Chart[/url]

    Off BCP 05/09; TTC 07/09; 4 c/p's and 1 m/c

    DOR; MFI; hetero factor v leiden mutation

    1/10 - BFP - c/p 4w4d

    3/10 ~ BFP - 4/5/10 - u/s @ 7w6d - no hb; m/c 8w3d

    Tried many interventions:

    9/10 - unmedicated IUI (1.4 million post wash) = BFN

    10/10 - unmedicated IUI (4.5 million post wash) = BFP

    11/10 - c/p 4w4d

    12/10 injects+TI cycle (3 follies) = BFN

    2/11 - IVF #1 long lupron w/ ICSI; 1 embryo = BFN!

    7/11 - IVF #2 antagonist w/ICSI - 3dt of 3 grade A embies = BFP

    7/11 - c/p 4w5d

    10/11 - unmedicated IUI (2.5 mill post wash) = BFN

    11/11 - unmedicated IUI (12 million post wash) = BFP

    12/11 - c/p 4w2d

    12/11 - IUI #5 follistim (2.5 million post wash) = BFN

    1/15/11 - IUI #6 follistim (12 million post - woot!)= BFP!!! Praise the Lord!!!

    Beta #1 (12dpiui) 164; Beta #2 (14dpiui) 514!!!

    It's TWINS!!!!

    Two BOYS!!!!
  • That really is a HORRIBLE day. I am so sorry about your m/c and I can't believe that you had to go through this at work and be around people that can't respect what you are going through. I am glad this is all in the past for you but I know that doesn't make it any easier. I hope everything turns around for you.
  • I am so sorry, your poor thing ((hugs))  I wish there was something I could say to make the pain go away.  T&Ps for you, hun!
    <3 Tons of love and hugs to Ricola & Baby Alex <3 <br> MySweetBaboo, IRL friend, always rooting for Baboo #2, love ya girl!<3 <br> 7.7.11 BFP | 3.19.12 EDD | 3.14.12 Baby Girl's BDay
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  • I know I'm new to this board, but I am so so sorry for your loss.  {{Hugs}}

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  • Thank you so much for your support ladies. It's so nice to know that I have some where to go and say things that would make most people uncomfortable to talk about. DH and I have decided that the best way to move on is to start trying again so I'm busting out the BBT tonight... temping starts tm. I guess we will see what happens. Thanks again... you all are the best!
    TTC #1 since Oct 09 Dx w/Anovulation

    Cycle #7: 1/10/11 = Surprise BFP after 3rd failed treatment cycle!!!    2/24: m m/c @ 10w0d

    4/11: Natural Cycle = BFP!!
    IT'S A BOY!!! :)
    Brady: Born 12/25/2011 - Our Christmas Day Miracle!
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    TTC #2 June 13
    Cycle #1: BFP!
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  • I am so very sorry for your loss. ((hugs))
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    Love & luck to my 3TC girls. Congrats to Omega-The boys are here!
    If there's one thing I've learned while waiting my turn,
    it's that in each life some rain falls but you also get some sun.
    After 2 years & 2 losses, our little man arrived 8-2011.
  • So very sorry for your loss.
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  • Oh hon, that is just awful! I'm so sorry you had to deal with all the ill-timed baby related subjects. Can you call in tomorrow to just take a day for yourself?

    I'm so sorry you are going through this. ((hugs))

    New to 3T? Check out this website first:

    Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end --Semisonic

    **TTC since 04/09, C/P 02/02/10; 4 weeks, 3 days**
    **Dx: Anovulation, Hypothryroidism, Mild Endo, Pituitary Adenoma (prolactin issues), PAI-1, MFI **

    **7/10: Clomid + TI= BFN**
    **3/2/11: 1st RE appointment**
    **DH= Morph= 2%, Motility= 30%**
    **HSG= All clear!!**
    **3/11: Femara + Pregnyl + TI= BFN**
    **5/17/11: Laparoscopy / hysteroscopy = mild endo**
    **7/11: Novarel + IUI #1= BFN (7mil, 75% motility, 2% morph)**
    **8/11: Femara + Novarel + IUI #2= BFN (11mil, 35% motility, 1% morph)**
    **11/11: Femara + Novarel + IUI #3= BFN (9mil, 2% morph)**
    **Jan 2012: Follistim (75ius) + IUI #4= CANCELLED due to cyst -put on bcp**
    **Feb 2012: Follistim (75ius) + Novarel + IUI #4.2= BFFN (2.5mil, 13% motility, 1% morph)**
    **Mar 2012: Follistim (100ius) + IUI #5= CANCELLED due to 35mm & 14mm cysts**
    **On med break indefinitely...IF Sucks!**

    **Jan 2013: Follistim (100ius) + IUI #5.2= CANCELLED due to high prolactin level, MRI scheduled, pituitary adenoma found, put on Dostinex**
    **Mar 2013: Follistim (100ius) + IUI #5.3= CANCELLED due to uterine polyp, surgery scheduled for polypectomy and D&C**
    **03/22/13: Hysteroscopy, polypectomy and D&C**
    **May 2013: Finally got to start a cycle!!! Follistim (100ius) + IUI #5.4 = BFFN (6mil, 74% motility, 2% morph)** 

    **Jun 2013: Decide to start IVF**
    IVF w/ICSI #1 (Long Lupron Protocol)
    06/26/13: Start BCPs
    07/02/13: HSG #2= all clear
    07/15/13: Start Lupron 10 ius
    07/25/13: Suppression check
    07/28/13: Start stims (225IUs Follistim + 75IUs Menopur) drop to 5 IUs Lupron
    08/01/13: Monitoring: 12 follicles all about 10mm, E2- 313
    08/04/13: Monitoring: 18 follicles (15mm, 13mm, a few 11mm, rest 10mm or below) E2- 1,505
    Start Augmentin- antibiotic prep
    08/06/13: Monitoring: 13 follicles (18mm, 17mm, rest b/w 15mm-16mm!) Ready to trigger!! E2- 2,248
    08/08/13: ER-- 14R, 13M, 10F 
    08/11/13: One fertilized late, we now have 11 embryos!
    08/13/13: 5dt-- 2 blasts (Sheldon and Penny) 3AA and 3BB, none to freeze
    8/23/13: BFFN... Sheldon and Penny didn't stick**

    **8/29/13: Follow up... bad fragmentation issues. Changing protocol to Antagonist for round #2 coming soon! Also started on 81mg Aspirin after getting blood panel done and found out I have PAI-1**

    **Oct 2013: After large cysts, finally starting IVF #2**
    IVF w/ICSI #2 (Antagonist Protocol)
    BCPs started back in Sept due to cysts
    10/27/13: Start stims (225 IUs Gonal-F + 75 IUs Menopur)
    11/03/13 - 11/05/13: Add Ganirelix to the mix
    11/06/13: 3 follicles at 18mm-- Ready to trigger!
    11/08/13: ER-- 17R, 13M, 8F
    11/13/13: 5dt-- 2 blasts (Luke and Leia) 5AB and 4AB, 1 frostie
    11/20/13- 11/23/13: light positives on FRERs and Wondofos
    11/22/13: BFN per RE office (under HCG of 10)
    11/27/13: CP ::sigh::

    *12/03/13: Follow up...great response and quality this time, was given 50% chance of it working, just didn't stick. Great plan for 2014! 

    **Jan 2014: Last IVF of our SRP**
    IVF w/ICSI, freeze all, then FET
    12/27/13: Start BCPs
    01/19/14: Stims (375 IUs Gonal-F + 75 IUs Menopur)

    Congratulations Cutebride!! --TWINS!! Congratulations, Luvie, on your sweet boy! Congrats, Jess! So happy for you ladies! <3 <3  
    ~~Also best of luck to Kati, illinigal, and youngin!~~


  • My heart is breaking for you. I'm so so sorry ((HUGS))

    2004- DX with PCOS

    6/2011- Gonal-F + Ganirelix + Oviderl and Crinone= BFP

    7/7/2011 Beta #1 119 Beta #2 563 Beta#3 4178

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  • I am so sorry!!!  Lots of {{{hugs}}}
    Mrs. Little Drew 10/25/08
    TTC since 1/2010 - Dx with Stage IV Endo
    11/10 - 100mg Clomid + trigger + IUI + Estradiol + Progesterone = BFN
    12/10 - Unmedicated cycle due to RE not doing treatments in December = BFN
    1/11 - 100mg Clomid + trigger + IUI + Estradiol + Progesterone = BFN
    2/11 - Same sh!t, different month = IUI cancelled due to no response = BFN
    IVF #1 - Start stims (Follistim) 5/10, add in Ganirelix 5/14
    ER 5/21 - 13 retrieved, 7 mature, 5 fertilized; ET 5/26 - transferred one perfect 1AA blast. 3 snowbabies.
    Beta 6/3 - 15.8; Beta 6/7 - 21.8; Beta 6/10 - 7 :(
    FET - Transferred 1 AA blast 7/11. Beta 7/20 - 311! Beta 7/22 - 784!! First u/s 8/10
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  • I am so sorry for your loss. Many thoughts and prayers to you and your DH. (((hugs)))
    IUIs #1-3 (1x unmedicated, 2x Clomid) = 2 BFNs, 1 m/c at 7w3d
    IUIs #4-6 (injects) = 3 BFNs
    IVF #1 = BFN
    FET #1 = BFN
    FET #2 = BFN
    IVF #2 = BFP, b/g twins lost at 20w due to partial abruption/PPROM
    IVF #3 = c/p 5w2d
    Long-shot Clomid/Prednisone cycle before next IVF = BFP, our beautiful, healthy girl born 6/26/13!
    TTC again March 2014
    FET #3 - May/June 2014
    - all embryos arrested before xfer - back to the drawing board...
    IVF #4 - July/August 2014 
    beta 1 (11dp3dt) 220, beta 2 (13dp3dt) 671, beta 3 (19dp3dt) 10762
  • That's terrible. I'm so sorry davie. (((HUGE HUGS)))
    Married 5/31/08 * TTC#1 9/09 - 2/11
    after anovulatory diagnosis and TTC for 1 1/2yrs with several medicated cycles and one chemical pregnancy, we have our first bundle of joy!
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  • What a terrible day, I hope the rest of the week gets better for you. I'm so sorry for your loss.
    [IMG]http://i55.tinypic.com/28cldop.jpg[/IMG][IMG] http://i55.tinypic.com/2vtr33b.jpg[/IMG]

    [url=http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/3362d5]My BFP Chart[/url]
  • Oh honey, I am so sorry you had to go through that.  Sending thoughts, prayers and hugs your way.
    IVF #3 brought us our miracle twins born 11/22/11!,

    Ou mes doigts pris sur tes poignets

    Je t'aime, je t'aimais et je t'aimerai

    p/saif always welcome

  • I am so sorry for your loss.  And I'm sorry about all of the insensitive idiots you had to deal with today.  (((hugs)))
    TTC #1 - Oct. 2009

    BFP 12.13.09 D&C 8w3d

    Lap Nov. 2010 - endo removed

    IVF w/ ICSI#1 - March 2011 - BFN

    FET#1- June 2011 - BFP 7.1.11 - M/C - D&C 9w3d

    8/10 - RPL testing: Hetero MTHFR discovered

    IVF #2 - Sept 2011 - BFP
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