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Thanks to my MIL...

I got the most sleep I've had in 4 months.  I slept from 11:30-6:00.  The weird thing is that today I'm more tired than ever.  It's like all I did was remind my body of what it was missing or something.  Weird.  Anyway it was still wonderful.  My ILs have been the source of so much stress over the past year that I thought I might never forgive them.  But we told them we are having a really rough time lately (up every hour) so yesterday they brought several prepared meals and a ton of other food and MIL stayed the night.  All is forgotten.  I could kiss them.  I just hope it wasn't too rough on MIL and she comes back and does it again!

On a related note why in the world do my babies suddenly hate their cribs???  We always put them down drowsy but awake, but they won't let us do that anymore and if they are not in a deep, deep sleep they will realize we are putting them down and start crying and once we do get them down they only stay asleep for an hour or so before the pop back up.  The weirdest part is that it's not all three of them all the time.  They take turns doing this. 

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Re: Thanks to my MIL...

  • Awesome about the sleep for you, annoying about their sleep...but we went through this around 4ish months as well.  I think it was the 4-month wakeful that people talk about...and it passed.  Hang in there!
  • Aww...glad you got some much needed rest!!

    It's amazing how our kids can miraculously allow us to tolerate if not appreciate our IL's, isn't it?! A friend of mine, who used to only rant about her MIL, now only has good things to say since her MIL loves being a grandma and is willing to help out in any way possible. 

    So happy to hear your ILs came to help out and hope you get more sleep like that again soon!!



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  • That was so nice of your MIL! Glad you got some sleep. I hope they start sleeping better for you. Mine go to bed awake and cry a little bit and fall asleep within 10-15 minutes. They do this every single night. They stay asleep though.
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  • I feel the same way when I get a lot of sleep - more tired the next day. It's like your body said "oh, you do know how to sleep and by the way, you need more of it!"
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  • Our DD does the same thing during nap time...drives me crazy bc then she's so crabby bc she's so tired.  She's on a kick of 20 minute cat naps.  At least she's still sleeping fine at night so I guess I can't complain too much.

    My MIL came over last night too and I took an Ambien and crashed! 

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  • Bless your amazing mommy heart!!  So glad you got some sleep :)  That little bit can carry you through many more days!  Emmmmmm.. as for the sleep problem, my boys are like this too.  It is called the 4-month wakeful period, I think.  Also, this is when they start understanding more about their surroundings, so going to sleep in the middle of a fun day is not so fun.  I'm learning that for naps, I need room-darkening curtains, extremely loud white noise and soft music, and I need to transition them into their room into this environment when they are sleepy, let them look around and play in there a while, then wrap each baby up and jiggle him to sleep one at a time.  This would probably be ridiculously exhausting w/ triplets, tho... it's hard enough with just 2!!
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