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Issues with eyes?

Yesterday Kai had his therapy with his lady, and she noticed that when he tracks something, it takes a extra second for his right eye to catch up?  Sorry, I don't have a better explination than that.  :-)

 Anyone familiar with this?  Is it something to worry about?

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Re: Issues with eyes?

  • My husband is an eye doctor..... He said you should take him to see a pediatric ophthalmologist to have it checked out...... probably nothing though.
  • Wish I knew. My DS has this with his left eye. And although he's currently seeing a vision specialist, she said to hold off on seeing the opthamologist just yet.  Makes me wonder if I should push the issue.
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  • Peyton had trouble tracking to the right, we saw a pedi eye dr at 6 months of age and nothing definitive came up.  I took her back at 14 months & they said within 4 months she will need glasses.  She tracks fine now, It was her right side so I think it was related to her stroke.
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  • Our son did this and it was related to a brain tumor/stroke.  I think just from my personal experience that it's ALWAYS better sooner than later!  It was our pediatric opthalmologist that finally (after 4 months of back and forth to our general pedi) got the MRI ordered for our son and got us on the path to finding out our son had his tumor.
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