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Childcare at Ft Lewis-McChord

I just found out that I will be a geographically single mommy with a preschooler and a newborn, moving to Ft Lewis-McChord in the fall. My most pressing question is, what is the best preschool in the area? DS is at a stellar outdoor preschool in Wash DC right now, and we really care about education. I know I need to get applications in ASAP and have done no research. I'm willing to move to whatever neighborhood will give him the best schools (preschools, and he may also start K there). 

Second, what about daycare for the newborn? How is the CDC? My son went to the CDC and I felt comfortable with that when he was an infant. Are there other good places in the area?

Last, how expensive are nannies? (Live in or live out)

Thanks in advance ladies! 

Re: Childcare at Ft Lewis-McChord

  • I'm at JBLM. I know one great preschool is Faith Lutheran (they have K-6 too) in Lacey, so maybe google them? I've also heard the preschool on post is good too. DD is on their waitlist since she isn't quite 3 yet.

    I've only used the hourly CDC and been pleased with it. I've heard the full time CDC is nice, but there is probably a waitlist. I think Faith Lutheran has a daycare too, but I'm not sure. 

    As for places to live, look into Lacey/Olympia or on post, avoid Lakewood/Tacoma. 

    Check (free for military) for nannies and prices. Our babysitter is a full time nanny for a family here, but I don't know what she charges, she watches a baby. We pay her $10/hr for our two kids when she babysits. 

    PM me if you have any other questions :) We've been here almost 2 years.

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