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Elliot Pedi recs

Any one have a rec for a pedi out of Elliot? I don't like our current pedi. He wants to put Alex on meds or supplements to help the symptoms of some issues rather than find out why she has them to begin with. I'm not loving that way of doing things.

Re: Elliot Pedi recs

  • My friend goes to River Road Peds in Bedford and loves them
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  • We see Christina Ferreri NP out of Pediatric Health Associates, right across from the Elliot.  I've really liked her these past 16 mos.  We've been dealing with my daughter's "failure to thrive" and she's been awesome about it.  She referred us to a specialist when she thought necessary and really takes her time with us on wellness visits.

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  • We use Dr.'s Park Pediatrics and we love them. We chose Dr. Freiden but I really like all the Dr.'s there.. Just a thought.
  • Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check into them.

    I'm sorry about your daughter's failure to thrive. My BFF's son has that as well.

  • Ehh, they label failure to thrive as 10% and lower for weight and or height.  Chrissy had recommended we check in with a pediatric gastroenterologist to confirm there wasn't anything going on; celiac disease, gluten or dairy allergies, or thryroid imbalances.  All those results came back normal, we just have a peanut :)  Her concern was based on the fact that she started out pretty big, 7.14 and then dropped to around the 7th % around 3mos.  The specialist told us that babies fall into their curve around 9mos, so it's somewhere around the 5th for our little munchkin.  Again, I really recommend her, she's been super thorough.  I've been in a lot after hours, we've had quite a few ear infections so i've met quite a few of the docs w/in pediatric health assoc. and drs park.  Let me know if there's anyone you're thinking of...
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