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Welcome home banner... Paint ?

I was wondering if any of you ladies could help me out... DH is returning from his first deployment soon and we're making him a banner to hang up. We're using a white tablecloth, but I'm not sure what type of paint goes on/ holds up best. I'm not interested in using spray paint because I'm sure DS will want to be all up in my business and "help."

What would you suggest?

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Re: Welcome home banner... Paint ?

  • It is always a good feeling when the first deployment is almost done.

    My brother recommended spray paint because it will hold up very well in the weather. He also recommened putting a piece of cardboard underneath and using Rite fabric dye or any outdoor oil-based paint. Also use a pencil to draw out what you would like to put on the banner before you use the paint/dye.

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  • If you want one made (and they're really nice), you can go to buildasign.com/troops and they're free! If his arrival date is really close, you may have to pay for a rush order but I ordered mine 6 weeks early and it got to me in less than a week. You also have to pay for shipping which is maybe $10. You probably will spend that much in paint anyways! They look great, hold up in all kinds of weather, and are totally customizable. I hope this helps!
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  • PS- I just saw you were in Oceanside...are you at Camp Pendleton?! We are too! Welcome home to your hubby, and I hope you have a great reunion!
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  • Fabric paint would probablly work really well. You can get it at any crafts store. OR they may have a better idea of what to use!


    Congrats and WELCOME HOME to your DH!!!!

  • I used fabric paint and painted it on a sheet, but it was VERYYY time consuming. Dont get me wrong, it would have held up in the weather for years probably. However, it was only up for maybe 2 days before they took it down (we are at Camp Pendleton, too.) Everybody else used paper and regular paint and probably made their signs in an hour and they all looked the same. LOL. Unless I KNOW its going to rain, there's no way I'll ever use fabric paint again.
  • Thanks for the help! I can't wait for this deployment to be over!

    We are at CP, so I'm not exactly worried about rain. I'll probably do paper or something in the future, but I had the tablecloth lying around and figured I should use it since it is too big for our table. I ordered one from buildasign.com, but I want to do something cute "from DS" as well!

    @ Gymanast... Where did you hang your banner? Some of the banners at the main gate and over by Stuart Mesa are up for weeks and weeks, but the ones up in Wire Mtn. aren't up for long at all!

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  • homecomings are sooo exciting! i just used regular acrylic paints on a bed sheet. i left the banner hanging up for a while and it held up really well. i still have the banner and it still looks good!
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