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yay for good OB appt!

We had an ultrasound appt today to check on DS#2.  He was bouncing around all over the place and we got some good images of his face--so cute!  My cervix is long and closed-yay!  

When I left NC they were slightly worried about my weight gain stalling but thought it was just due to the stress of the move. I have definitely gained weight since arriving here--maybe a bit too much ice cream?  :)  Although my belly measurement is normal (despite all the comments from people about how big my belly is!).

And the really good news is that this little guy is measuring on the bigger side so far--81st percentile.  I know those measurements can be off but it's good to hear that he's likely average to a little big, especially since there's a chance he'll show up early.

So hopefully he'll stay put!  And I had my GD test today so hopefully that comes back OK.

Thanks for letting me share! 


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Re: yay for good OB appt!

  • glad to hear all went well!! i hope he stays put till you are term and then you will have no extra worries!!
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  • Glad everything is looking good!  That is great news, hope he stays in there driving you nuts with all his kicking for a long time to come! :)

    Sounds like maybe you need to go celebrate with some ice cream? :)

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  • Wonderful news!  I'm glad to hear he (and you) are doing well!
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  • Glad to hear things are going well!!  I've been thinking of you....will you please have some ice cream for me? :)


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  • good to hear!

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