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Ok, so I posted a few days ago about nap issues.  Despite my schedule not allowing for me to give Keira a later nap due to Chloe's school, I tried it when Chloe went back to her mom's.

Instead of her usual 12:00 nap I put her down at 1:00pm yesterday. She jumped up and down like she has been doing and was wild until just before 2:00. And then she fell asleep for the first time in 4 days.  It was super swell because like she typically does, she slept for 3 hours, waking up at 4:50pm. I get Chloe every other week from school and HAVE to leave my house at 3:00pm. So this will NEVER work. Waking Keira up after 1 hour= monster child. 

Today I went to the mall with a friend, let her run, play hard, and put her down at 1:30 when we got home. She has since broken her SECOND crib bumper by ripping off the strings, she's still up there jumping and throwing things out, and not sleeping whatsoever. 

I am at a loss and I am SO fed up and getting extremely frustrated with her.  She will jump in her crib, fall and hit her head, and cry. So I go up, tell her beds are not for jumping, kiss her better and leave. She turns around and does it again, and again until she hurts herself, and then cries. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. If she does fall asleep today, I'm banking it happening at 2:30 or close to 3. This just can't become the norm.

No nap from now until forever is not an option. Waking her up after 1 hour into it is also not an option. WWYD? I am getting really ticked off at this point. How did it go from napping at noon with no issue to not napping at all overnight? 

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Re: Nap Help

  • NIc has been  terrible napper and does not nap in a bed.  We just roll with it.  If he naps in the car good, if he naps on the couch good, if he takes a 1 hour nap good, if he naps for 2 hours on DH fine.  It sucks but I had to stop stressing about it.  no advice except to tell you I sympathize. as we speak he is taking his 2nd nap of the day on the couch and we are going on about an about an hour. The first was in the stroller while I ran this morning. At daycare he is the best sleeper so go figure. Angry
  • what time does she get up in the morning?  maybe its worth a try to get her up earlier (even if that means you get up earlier... which sucks i know!)  but maybe if she got up earlier she'd be tired at her old nap time, then you could stay on schedule.

    maybe you could do the earlier wake times on the week you don't have chloe?


    ds normally gets up between 630-7, normally with some snuggling i can get away with 7, and sometimes 730...   but basically he goes down for his nap about 3 hours after he gets up.  so most days he goes down between 10-1030 and he normally sleeps until sometime between 12-1.  we're slowly getting to him going down for a nap 4 hours or so after he gets up, but for now 3 hours works really well for us.  and then he goes to bed around 8.   

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  • Nora did what you're describing except she didn't jump, she just laid there and called for me.  I had to start getting her up 30 minutes earlier in the morning and she naps again.  I also know that if I get her down too late, she misses her window.  I would keep experimenting like that.  Try to get her up 15 mins earlier and nap at 1 or something like that, if a 1pm nap time would work for you.  If that doesn't work after 3 days or so, start getting her up 30 mins earlier.  It doesn't make any sense to me, but if I get Nora up at 7:45 instead of letting her sleep til 8 or 8:15 she'll nap for at least 2 hours.... GL I know it's soooo frustrating.  You just have to keep trying different things til you find something that works (for a little while, at least!)
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  • I hate nap time struggles, they suck! Maddie has always been a 2/2:15 napper ever since she went down to one nap, but I know that just doesn't work with your schedule. I second JHL, is there any way you could get her up a little earlier? It would suck for you, but might be worth it if she would take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.

    About 2-3 months ago, Maddie really started needing less sleep. From about 20-26 months she would sleep from 8pm-7:45am and then sleep from 2-5 in the afternoon. It was great. But now she goes to sleep between 8:30-9, wakes up around 7, and sleeps for 2-2.5 hours in the afternoon. Still really good, I know, but she definitely cut back in her sleep needs. Now if she does sleep in until 8 one day, I know that she will probably have little to no nap that day b/c she's just not tired enough.

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