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Recs on baby name websites?

I know we have a while b/f we need a name, but right now I feel like we're at square one on choosing a name.  It's been harder this time around since we already used our favorite girl name.

I've been using nymbler dot com for help.  Any other name suggestion websites?


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Re: Recs on baby name websites?

  • this sounds ridiculous, but I actually started at the SS top 100 (or 1000 I can't remember)...I started looking at different decades for ideas and tried to steer clear of super popular names (even though our girl name will probably be Ava Grace should we ever have one)

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  • I second the baby name wizard Web site! I also got The Baby Name Wizard book from the library when I was pregnant with DS. It's a really interesting read. The author has some really interesting chapters about baby naming, trends, etc. before she even gets to all the name lists.
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