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Anyone deliever at Home or at a Birth Center?

I am delivering at a freestanding birth center and will need to take the baby for a pediatric appointment within 24-48 hours following birth. He obviously won't have a birth certificate yet and therefore can't be entered into DEERS. So, has anyone else dealt with this and if so, how did you get your newborn in to see the doc? Thanks!!

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Re: Anyone deliever at Home or at a Birth Center?

  • It takes weeks to get a birth certificate for anyone. You don't need a birth certificate to enter the baby into DEERS. We did it as we were leaving the MTF and didn't get DS's birth certificate until he was 6 weeks old.
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  • The baby is covered under you for the first 30 days.  You do not need a BC for the baby to be put into DEERS.  The midwives will have you sign paperwork for the baby before you leave the birthcenter.  You will take a copy of that with you to the DEERS office. 
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  • No babies have a birth certificate that quickly, and all babies are (hospital or home birth) have to be seen within two weeks of birth.  My first baby had to be seen by the pedi every other day for 2 weeks after she was born because she was a preemie and low birth weight.

    Your birth center will give you some basic paperwork.  My hospital gave us a sheet with name, weight, height, parents names, footprints, and a signature.  My husband took that to DEERS and they issue a temporary ID #.  This ID# allows the baby to be seen in the system until their SS card comes in the mail.  My DD is 20 months old and we have NEVER had to show a birth certificate to the military - only her Social Security card.

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