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blast from the past

Awwww! I went in to fix something in my siggy, and the bump weirdness deleted that change and somehow found a really really old siggy and posted that instead. I can't believe our almost-one-year-olds ever used to be that tiny! ::gush::
married 03/08/08 -- ttc with PCOS (dx 2005) & DS
IUI #3 gave us the best 2nd anniv. gift ever: 2 babies! (born 03/09/10)
Peanut and Little Man are getting so big! 2 years old already!
finally blogging again at This Will Be: An Adventure

Re: blast from the past

  • You put a lump in my throat. I cannot remember them that small, especially after carrying them both this morning. Smile


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  • Aww, look at the tiny smooshie babies!! So sweet.

    Maybe I don't have a heightened sense of smell, but I've never smelled any vagina on my pants. -- TSD

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  • cute!! I love squishy babies!
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  • super cute
    our blog
    My 2lb 5oz 30 weeker is getting so BIG!
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