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Anyone know a Maternity Photographer?

I am 31 weeks along and would like to get some maternity shots done without spending a fortune. Most of the sites for St. Louis photographers I have found focus on weddings and babies, not really maternity photos. Any suggestions other than JCPenney that are affordable?



Re: Anyone know a Maternity Photographer?

  • Holly McCaig... If you google her her page will come up I beleive it is


    she is wonferful, she will be doing mine forsure

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  • I'm a local photographer.  I don't have a portfolio of maternity portraits on my website but I can take them.  You can check out my work and info at...



  • I am a photographer in St. Louis.  If you are still looking for one you can check out my website at  Let me know if you're interested.
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  • i do it on the side (not only maternity - photography in general). i'm very reasonable and flexible. take a peek at my site and just yell if you are interested. my contact info is on the site. good luck!!




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  • My SIL is amazing. Tres Chic  I mean she takes stunning pics.
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  • If you haven't had these done yet, my sis did mine.  On facebook look up blueeyesphotography.  She's very reasonable and did a great job.
  • My friend Mandi Anderson is AMAZING!!! She takes the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen!

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  • Thank you for all the recommendations!
  • i shoot photography outside of my full-time job.



    i'm reasonable and flexible and super fun :)

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