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Pity...party of one!

I'm feeling down tonight.. Not like sobbing in a corner curled up in the fetal position, but I'm missing DH quite a bit. I've been proud of myself for how "together" I've been and I'm not going to fall apart or anything, but it's enough that I feel like I just need to let it out a little bit tonight.  I know I shouldn't let the "what-ifs" get to me, it's just hard when I think about when DH will get to meet his daughter.  I'm sure these end of pregnancy hormones don't make for the most stable mind when it comes to getting through a (first) deployment.  Sometimes I wish I could kidnap DH..maybe just until Flora is born. That's sane, right? Indifferent

I just don't wanna miss him anymore. I think I'm going to make pouty faces and stomp around the house for a little bit. That usually makes me feel better.

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Re: Pity...party of one!

  • It's totally normal to be afraid that DH will never get to meet DD or vice versa.. When I was pregnant with DD, DH was in Iraq and I was terrified that they'd never meet. I feel like it was even worse this past year when he was in Afghanistan and DD didn't know where daddy went.. I was afraid we'd never see him again.. :(

     How much longer does ur DH have? Your family is in our prayers.. I know it's hard, but ya'll will get though it and it'll make everything THAT much better.

  • Hang in there. Your little Flora will be here soon.

    One of my friends at Bragg just had their third baby right before her husband deployed.  One night before dinner the middle child was praying and said that he missed his daddy and asked if he could be dropped off at the Food Lion. Everyone misses thier loved one when they are deployed. And yes, it's perfectly normal to want to take a trip overseas, grab your husband by the arm, and bring him back home.

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  • I went through DH's last deployment pregnant and had some pity parties too.  Focus on the good times to come and you will make it through.  
    Shot first, questions later.
  • Thanks girls, I love having this board to just let it out a little when I need to. I appreciate your support.  We're just at the beginning of this (12 month) deployment, we have a long way to go before he's home with us again so I'm sure there will be more than a few pity parties thrown at my house.  I know we'll get through it because we HAVE to. And I am very thankful that I'll have this little girl to keep me company soon enough. I'm sure she will help the months fly by.  I just wish that also didn't mean DH missing out on so many milestones. Oh well, I'll learn to be a professional videographer before the year is up!

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