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doula recommendations?

I'm looking for some recommendations on a great doula in the E. valley. I'm not due for a while (I'm only 18 weeks) but I've had a really hard time finding one. Every one I've been able to get a hold of is unavailable for my due date, and others have never returned emails or phone calls. (Searching on DONA international is down, and so I called them & they were supposed to have the AZ rep get a hold of me w/ a list of names but I've never heard from them.) Anyone who can give me recommendations & contact info, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!

Re: doula recommendations?

  • mrs u posted a rec a few posts down i know she really loved her doula so i'd definitely contact this one!
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  • ha ha ha... i just came in here to recommend Katie. :) Her email is [email protected] and she's AWESOME!!! 
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  • Hello!

    I would just like to introduce myself.  My name is Althea Hrdlichka and I am a birth and postpartum doula here in the Phx. area.  In addition I am doing my midwifery studies and have a pregnancy and nursing tea company.  I absolutely love working with moms throughout pregnancy and helping both, mom and dad, during the birthing process and after.  It truly is a passion I have been so blessed to be able to follow for about 2 years now.  If any of you would like to meet and get to know me a little more, please email or call me anytime!  Or if you just have any pregnancy questions or nursing issues, please feel free to call as well.

     Althea Hrdlichka,

    Loving wife to one, blessed mother to four, caring Doula to more

    Tender Gifts Doula

    Mother's Life Tea

    (928) 925-0885

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