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Spasing out with our situation!

I hope this isn't long but I am LOST!!!! So right now we're out at Monterey, Ca - DH is an airman just finishing up at DLI. He's taking his tests this week and supposed to graduate next week and we still have no orders! Fan-flippin-tastic right? I wouldn't be as concerned but I'm 30 weeks now and still don't know what to tell my doctor here about where this baby is going to be born. Jim's going to try to talk to two other sgts today about what's going on because O-LA was no help.

So my questions I guess: 

Basically, DH is graduating here and going to Goodfellow AFB next to finish his tech school, but Goodfellow is only a temporary duty station which means no moving pay for myself and our things right?

We've gotten word that Anchorage is his next station - the Air Force wouldn't pay to move our things from Goodfellow all the way to Anchorage would they since Monterey is his actual duty station?

Any ideas for me????? We don't live at Base Housing out here so I have no idea who I could even go ask my questions to. I'm completely new to military everything and very much appreciate you reading this : )

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Re: Spasing out with our situation!

  • If Goodfellow is a temporary duty station, they will not move your belongings there.  I believe you have to be there 19 weeks for them to move dependants/HHG as well.  (It's been a while tho from that)

    Regarding Elmendorf, I'm currently stationed up here so let me know if you have any questions. My email is [email protected] Again, i think they will only move his belongings from Monterey as that is his assigned station.  It really all comes down to how long he will be in school tho. 

    Also, it takes 6-8 weeks for your HHG to arrive up here. Please keep that in mind.  If you can survive with the BARE minimum of items, i'd consider sending your HHG early.  There is also the option of temporary furniture that you can use when you get up here until yours arrives.

    Good luck!!

  • No, they will not pay to move your things from the temporary duty station to your new one.


    My advice? Stay where you're at! Seriously. Things could change with the next duty station as well.. They could want him to go some where else.. I'd stay with your doctor in a area you're familiar with.. And wait it out..

    Red Cross, helps if your DH wants to be there for the babys birth. They can get him there no problem. I'd look into that too if you're worried about him missing out on the birth.

     And who knows, the orders could come at any second of the day. Most of the time (well for the army anyways) they change a few times before they actually are taken into affect. For example, we were at FT. Bliss, Tx and were supposed to move to Ft. Drumm, NY, then to Ft. Benning, and thenn to Vicenza, Italy.. We moved to vicenza.. But if I had gone a head to Drumm we woulda been SOL.

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  • imageJLAElliott:

    Red Cross, helps if your DH wants to be there for the babys birth. They can get him there no problem.


    Don't count on it.  

  • imageGracieLouFreebush*:


    Red Cross, helps if your DH wants to be there for the babys birth. They can get him there no problem.


    Don't count on it.  

    All the Red Cross does is send the message to his commander/superior. That is the person that makes the decision on whether he gets to come home or not. So if I were you I'd stay where you are, let DH go TDY to his training. Have the baby where you are at and then move when he gets PCS orders.

  • So I think I may be able to help, at least a little bit.  My husband recently graduated DLI, and we are here at GF now.  The length of time you are here depends on which service your husband is in.  Air Force is 3 months, but Marines are here for 6 months ( and thus qualify for accompanying dependents.)  My husband is Air Force, so we were not eligible to accompany him, but we chose to do so on our own dime and it worked out really well.

    Here's what we did:

    TMO packed all our things from the mold factory that is Lower Stilwell, and moved them into local storage.  They WILL send a small shipment to GF for you, to the tune of 400 Ibs.  This is JUST enough for some basic living supplies, sheets, towels, TV etc.  

    We packed up our car and drove down to GF with a 5 month old, a 70 Ib dog, and a carsick cat.  It's a 25 hour drive...shudder...

    I arranged an apartment for us off-base, that charges about 30% of what our BAH is.  It's true that you won't see your husband very much for the first few weeks...the class schedule is very full.  

    When you are ready to PCS to your final station, TMO will move your things from storage to that station, IN ADDITION to the 400 Ibs they sent to you at GF.


    One of the other posters had a good option is having your baby in Monterey, and then joining  your husband at GF.  You'll have to have everything arranged before-hand, to cut back on stress.

    Another option is just moving down and having the baby here in San Angelo, if you want your husband to be there for the birth.  

    Let me know if have any more questions, and I can do my best to help!

    Good luck!

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  • Thanks so much for the help and suggestions ladies!!

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  • I know that Monterrey is a Navy base, but don't be afraid to go to the AF contingent there and ask have the options.  I would probably go with paying out of pocket to accompany him to GF.  You will still be covered by tricare there and will be better than staying in Monterrey alone, unless you have a support system.  A 3rd option is to go to your parents to have the baby while he is at school at GF.
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