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Adoption question

Hi! I hope you can help me on behalf of my friend, whose husband is in the military. They're exploring adoption. They live in TX at the moment, but may not be there past summer 2012. If adoption procedures begin sometime this year, then her husband is relocated to another state, do they have to start all over in the new state? Can someone explain what happens? Thanks so much!

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  • I think they will have to have a new homestudy done (which can be very expensive) in the new state/new home, but I think it all depends on the parameters of the agency they are working with.  Are they doing foster-to-adopt, international adoption, agency adoption, private adoption?  I think the answers to your questions change depending on the type of adoption they are pursuing.  

    I too have a good friend stationed in TX (Sheppard AFB) and they are adopting as well.  She's got a public website about their adoption and she may be a great resource for your friend.  If you think your friend would be interested I could PM you the address to her adoption website and ask her if she'd be ok with me sharing her contact info.  

    Also, the adoption board on here would be a great resource also.   

    GL to your friend! 


    ETA I see you've already posted on the adoption board, ignore my suggestion above :) 

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  • I used to do homestudies for foster care and audited adoptive ones.  If they go with an national agency they could transfer their file but they would still have to do some stuff over.  Each state has it's own rules about adoption.  If it's an agency that only operates in TX then they will have to find a new one.  Either way they would have to update their homestudy.  You have to update your homestudy if you move across the street. 

    If they adopt before they move it is fairly easy to get hooked up with an agency in the new state to complete the post placement visits.  My agency did that for a few families that moved into our area.  If they haven't adopted yet then they are going to find themselves either starting over completely or at least having to go back and redo some stuff. 


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  • HI Duchess! Please PM me. Thank you so, SO much!
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