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First try IUI.......

We are doing our first IUI as soon as we get a positive OPK.  We are very excited but very nervous.  Our RE has told us to come in the day after our positive OPK but we are nervous about the timing.  Has anyone done an IUI this way and become pregnant?  Thanks guys.... 

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  • That's how we're doing ours too! We've only had one round so far, but here's hoping for a BFP soon!
  • When I do 1 iui per cycle I come in the day after it turns positive.  When I do 2 iui's a cycle I go in the day it turns as well as the day after.  


    This is a helpful page: 

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  • That is what we did and we got pregnant on the 3rd try.
    our blog
    My 2lb 5oz 30 weeker is getting so BIG!
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  • Good Luck!!!
    Mommies to 5 fur babies!
    TTC#1 since 2004
    4 cycles @ home with known donor - BFN
    RE un-medicated IUI cycles # 1-7= BFN
    NEW RE Clomid 50mg/ Ovidrel/ IUI #8 BFN
    Took long break
    Nov 2009 - Clomid 50mg/ Ovidrel/IUI #9 = BFP
    Beta 12/4 - 10...Beta #2 12/7- 28 Beta #3 12/9 - 80!
    1st sonogram 12/28 - slow hb and growth
    m/c 1/1/2010 Courtland 8w0d
    Nov 2010 cycle cancelled - polyp removal/hysteroscopy
    April 4 2011 - IUI #10 BFFN
    July 5, 2011 - #11 BFFN AMH .62 Boo
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