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Ugh! Time is ticking down...

So, DH and I have not made a decision about where we want to send DS to preschool in the fall.  We missed all three open houses that we planned to attend (one because of a huge snowstorm, and two because we all got a stomach flu).

The problem is that one of the front-runner programs is our local school district and their registration starts March 1st.  They fill up extremely quickly, especially since we want to choose the school closest to our home.  So if I want to get DS into this specific building in the district, I have to register immediately.

I hate feeling the pressure to make this huge decision in about a week!


Re: Ugh! Time is ticking down...

  • I would register him just in case you do stick with that one. 
  • imageLucky*Ducky:
    I would register him just in case you do stick with that one. 

    Yeah, I guess that's a good idea.  I'd might lose the $50 non-refundable registration fee, but at least it would hold us a spot.


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  • The $50 will totally be worth the spot if this is a good school, close to home, and is a top runner anyways.  :)

    Good Luck deciding.  Is there any way you could schedule a day to visit since you missed the open house?  (that is if you havent already been there) 

  • Register and you can always back out later if you change your mind.  Most places have a date that you can back out and not lose money by
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