*Cute lunch check in* - anyone have anything? — The Bump

*Cute lunch check in* - anyone have anything?

My fancy whizbang new computer ... is already in the shop. Who ever said that Macs never crash? So does anyone have any cute lunch pics to share? As soon as I get my computer back, I'll upload mine.
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<img width=250 src="http://tinyurl.com/9mph27n">

Re: *Cute lunch check in* - anyone have anything?

  • Oh no!  I hope your computer is fixed soon because I just love seeing all your creative lunches.  I'm sharing some fish this week.  I found this fish cookie cutter at the bulk food store and I was so excited to use it.  I have so many cutters, it's really embarrassing.  Kirsten has been begging me for a pet fish too (her best friend at daycare has one), so I knew she would appreciate this lunch.  And no, I haven't gotten her a fish yet.  I don't have time to clean up more mess than I already do!


    Chicken sandwiches cut into fish.  Cheese stripes and icing eyes.  Blueberries bubbles, celery 'grass' in the water and raspberry 'rocks'.  The kids LOVED this.

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