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Newborn Insurance?

Ok so I know that newborns are covered on Prime for 60 days.  So, this may be a dumb question but does the baby get an insurance card?  I just use my ID card for my insurance b/c I'm on Standard, so do I just use my ID card for the babies Dr appts and such?  Then after 60 days do I have to enroll the baby into Standard?  I could call Tricare... but I feel like I get different answers from them depending on who I talk to.  TIA!
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Re: Newborn Insurance?

  • DS has always been on Prime but I'm fairly sure Standard works the same way. When DS was leaving the hospital with us, DH went to the Tricare office and enrolled him. About a week later he got his own card in the mail. Simple as that.
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  • Technically you'll get a card in the mail with the baby's name and PCM on it, but you still have to show your ID because the policy number is the sponsor's social which is on your ID.  I don't think I've ever had a doctor even ask to see the other card, just the ID.

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  • When DS was born he had to bring in the hospital crib card to get him enrolled and I've only had to show my ID at the Pedi's (Standard).
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