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DH signed! He's now PFC!

DH signed for the Army on Thursday. He picked a Stryker Mechanic for his job. I'm so proud of him and yet so terrified! He'll have basic at Ft. Jackson and AIT at Ft. Lee. He'll be gone for 7 months for training. I know this will be great for all of us. We've had a crazy week...LO has been really sick and we finally learned he has RSV. I think I wouldn't be so stressed out about him joining if we didn't have to worry about LO this week too. It seems like tons of different emotions at one time. Any advice?

Anyone know anything about Styker Mechanics?

Re: DH signed! He's now PFC!

  • DH is Navy, not Army, so I can't help you with the career choice and knowing anything about it.  But I did want to say congratulations on embarking on this new adventure with your family!  Welcome to the military :)  It is a crazy ride and sometimes you'll wonder why you chose it, but overall I've enjoyed life as a military spouse and I have very few complaints - apart from all the time spent away from DH, but somebody's gotta volunteer for the job, right?!  Also, sorry about the RSV in your son.  I hope he starts feeling better soon and that treatment starts working.  7 months looks like a long time now, but you'll find ways to get into a routine and keep busy.  Are there any other military spouses around you that you can bond with for support?  They really can help!  Good luck and congratulations again :) 

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  • Congratulations!
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  • Good Luck it is not easy being a Military spouse takes an extra strong woman I am sure you can and will do it.


    My hubby has been in the MARINES over 8 years and it hasn't been easy but well worth it. 

  • My husband is in a Bradley mechanic, which is similar to the Strykers. It's a lot of long hours, dirty work, and heavy lifting. You won't find a more fun group of people though!
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  • thanks ladies!!!!! We live in San Antonio and there are many military bases around here so I'm sure whether we're here or somewhere else I'll make some good friends. I think I'm worried about how I'll handle him being away since we've been together everyday for the past 5 years and only spent about a week at most apart. I know that I'll be busy with the kids though and that we'll make it work!
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