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Confused and need some help.

Okay so my periods have been really irregular the past few months, it was suppose to come on Jan 23rd and didn't. On January 24th I got my positive HPT. February 3rd I saw the doctor to confirm the pregnancy. They did an internal ultrasound and the doctor guessed I was about 4 weeks. The only thing on the u/s was a "black hole", so she scheduled me for another appointment. Today was my 2nd appointment. They did another internal u/s and again just a black hole but a much bigger black hole. The doctor said I'm progressing fine since there was growth in the uterus and scheduled me to come back again next Thursday to see if we see anything and she wants to look for a heartbeat. If I got a positive home test on Jan 24th and on February 3rd was still "very early" and now on the 18th I'm still being told its early then when exactly did I get my positive? Was it 2 weeks, 2.5, 3 weeks? I'm so confused! I mean the doctor didn't seem worried and since there was growth and I'm progressing like I should then I know I shouldn't worry but I can't help it. I mean all the back to back appointments make me feel like I'm watching the pot boil. She also said she wants to see a heartbeat next week, what if we don't see a heartbeat? Does that mean something is wrong? So after this long explanation I guess my two real questions are: 1. If I got a home test on Jan 24th and now on Feb 18th I'm still early, when exactly did I get a positive? 2. Did everyone see a heartbeat at 6 weeks or do you sometimes not see it until further along?Help if you can cause I'm losing my mind-this wasn't so jumbled but I'm doing it on my phone and in the HTML mode and its a pain.
MC: Feb 24th, 2011

Re: Confused and need some help.

  • I know that at 7-14 days after have sex you can get pg... I know that it is really hard to see a heartbeat around 6 weeks but I know that at 8 weeks is when you are able to see the heart clearly... I hope that this helps
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  • From what I know they typically can't see the heartbeat on u/s until around 8 weeks. I wouldn't stress too much. I actually took tests and they came up negative. I got what I thought was my period, but when I had weird constant cramping a friend convinced me to take another pregnancy test. It came up positive. My doctors office wouldn't even see me until I was around 8 weeks anyway for this reason.

    I wouldn't worry, just take care of yourself and see what they say the next time you go in. Also, be thankful that you have a doctor that wants to monitor you closely instead of waiting to see what happens. GL!

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  • imagesaraid2426:
    I know that at 7-14 days after have sex you can get pg... I know that it is really hard to see a heartbeat around 6 weeks but I know that at 8 weeks is when you are able to see the heart clearly... I hope that this helps

    This.  And at 8 weeks your doc will be able to tell you how far along you are.  I'm surprised they saw you so early, my OB wouldn't see me until 8 weeks I think, maybe 10. 

  • Thank you ladies!

    This is my first pregnancy so I had no idea what to expect. When I called to get an appointment and I told her the day of my LMP and when I got my positive, she just made the appointment for February 3rd. After talking to a few people I realized I got an appointment way earlier than most people get one. I know it was still so early when she first saw me and just wanted to check back up on me but now it's like a very long waiting process.

    I was happy to see that the "black hole" had gotten bigger and the Doctor said thats a good thing but it's like now they want me to come back again next week for another u/s and it's like why? If I'm progressing properly and everything looks good I'd rather wait and have an appointment later on when we're actually going to be able to see something.

     I have absolutely no idea how far along I was when I got my BFP and I know that my irregular periods probably have a lot to do with the confusion. According to my LMP I'd be like 7w1d today but I'm not that far along as far as the u/s shows.

    You guys have eased my mind and hopefully if everything goes well we'll stop with the back to back appointments. Now I know why they normally don't do appointments until much later on.

    MC: Feb 24th, 2011
  • I had an ultrasound when i first found out.  It was a black sac/hole.  No heartbeat. They guessed me at 5 weeks.  Just a little yolk sac lol  A week later i started bleeding, freaked out and went to the ER and they did an ultrasound told me I was actually 8 weeks along and got to hear the heartbeat the first time there.  So I think alot has to do with the machine they use and who is doing it, but I was 7 weeks along and all there had been was a little black sac. So dont worry.  Everything will be fine.  Maybe you had your +HPT at like 4 weeks (normal) and you'll be almost 8 weeks soon.  I hope you get to hear the heartbeat! I'm sure all is fine!!!
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  • imagesaraid2426:
    I know that at 7-14 days after have sex you can get pg... I know that it is really hard to see a heartbeat around 6 weeks but I know that at 8 weeks is when you are able to see the heart clearly... I hope that this helps
    Wait, what? If I'm reading this right, you are saying that you can get pregnant 1-2 weeks after having sex, as in conceive. That is not at all accurate. If you mean, however, that implantation can take place 7-10 days after ovulating/conception, that would be correct. The earliest you can probably get a BFP is 8 DPO, but that is pretty rare. OP, at six weeks, you should see more than just a sac. You should absolutely see a fetal pole, yolk sac, and likely a heartbeat. The heart starts to beat around the sixth week. I saw the heartbeat with this pregnancy at 5w5d. If you do not see a heartbeat or at least a yolk sac and fetal pole at six weeks, it is likely that you will have a miscarriage. If you don't see anything next week, it is probably a blighted ovum. That means that the baby itself was reabsorbed, but the sac can and will continue to grow. There will be nothing in the gestational sac. Are you having internal ultrasounds or abdominal? If you are having abdominal ultrasounds, that could absolutely account for why you aren't seeing much. I'm not at all trying to scare you or be a downer, but I feel it is better to be informed and prepared.
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  • I just want to say, I saw a HB on and abdominal U/S at 5 weeks
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  • The newest pregnancy tests can pick up on changes in hormonal balances very early. There is actually some debate about them, because it's allowing a lot of women pick up on pregnancies that would normally just miscarry and look like a normal period. Every woman has them, but knowing about them makes it harder.

    That being said, the egg isn't even fertilized until 2 weeks, so it would be hard to pick up on it until at least week 3.

    I agree with pp- most places won't see you so soon. It causes a lot of unnecessary worry, and it's really not cost effective for healthcare systems. Were you at a military hospital? I had to take a lab test prior to being seen at all, then attend the orientation class. If I hadn't had previous complications, I wouldn't have had an appt until 10 or 11 weeks.  

    With my first I had an internal u/s at almost 8 weeks, and the doc warned me I may not see a heartbeat- no big deal, it didn't mean it wasn't there. 

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