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Looking for an OB in Hampton Roads - Peninsula

This would be our 1st pregnancy; I'm 28, not pregnant yet.  I wanted to find a good OB 1st, to talk to.  No idea what I'm doing yet.  We live in Hampton, so anywhere on the Peninsula would be fine

Re: Looking for an OB in Hampton Roads - Peninsula

  • The Jafri brothers (Obad and Navid) at OBGYN Associates of Hampton are really nice. I saw a different doctor at the practice before I got pregnant, but they require you to see all doctors during pregnancy in case *your* doctor isn't on-call when you go into labor. At first I was really nervous about seeing a man, but they were actually the nicest/gentlest of the four doctors I saw in late pregnancy (the other two were women). One of them was the one who did my membrane stripping at 40 weeks (usually insanely painful) and it was less uncomfortable than the basic dilation check a female doctor had done the week before. 

    Diane Mrava is also very good (the one I saw prior to pregnancy) but she left the practice half-way through my pregnancy and I don't know where she is now. 

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  • I absolutely LOVE my OB.  Dr. Shwayder of Colonial OBGYN.  They are a small office just outside of Mary Immaculate.
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  • I go to Riverside Women's Healthcare in Newport News and love everyone at the office. I have seen all of doctors and haven't had a problem with anyone.
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