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Books about God and praying

Does anyone have any book suggestions for introducing/explaining to a 3yo the concept of God and praying?  Thanks in advance.

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  • When DD was 2 I bought a book called "How Big Is God" and she still loves it to this day.  It doesn't focus on praying so much but it does explain the concept of God, who He is and how He manifests His presence in our every day lives.  Got it from Barnes & Noble but I'm sure you can find it anywhere.  
  • We didn't get a book we just started doing it at bed time and meal time and DS leads it for the most part. It goes something like this.

    Dear God Thank you for today. Thank you for Mommy and Daddy and Max and Sam.... and then what ever else he has on his mind. Some times he wants us each to take a turn.

    So far we have focused on positive aspects just being thankful for the blessing we have been given. In addtion any time he comes home from the Nursery class at chruch with a worksheet we will talk about the concept on that paper. Typically sharing, caring, ect...


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  • Max Lucado's children's books are awesome.  "You are special" is so sweet.

    We love our prayers at night.  Pretty simple at our house...Dear Jesus, thank you for _____, _____, _____ and she fills in all the blanks.  Then we pray for others and say Amen. 

  • We don't really have a book.  We just pray before dinner and before bed.  DS says his own prayer now, "God-Jesus, help me, Baby J, Mommy, Daddy, Dog, amen"

    Max Lucado has a good book: In case you ever wonder.

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