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DC recommendations

Hi everyone!

I'm in DC until 2/26. While I'll be working, I will have some free time here and there during my stay. I know most of the big sights, but I'm wondering if anyone, especailly the DC locals, have any recommendations for do-not-miss things, foods, etc that I should add to my list. Kid-friendly is great too as I'm nannying and can bring the girls (4 and 6) with me to some of them.

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Re: DC recommendations

  • as for food, I would highly recommend getting some Ethiopian food.  There are many fabulous places in he Adams Morgan area. Also, Jaleo (a tapas restuarant) is amazing. 

  • Oh, I wish I had known you were coming! We could have a play date! :)

    Well, of course the Smithsonians - Air and Space, American History (especially the Spark Lab, transportation, and Invention at Play exhibits), and Natural History are the kids' favorites. The weather is going to be amazing today - so the zoo might be nice (I don't love that zoo - but it is free and nice to be outside.) There is ice skating at the sculpture garden (outside.) I don't know if you have access to a car, but there are 2 great museums in Baltimore (Port Discovery (children's museum) and Maryland Science Center. We've had membership to one/both for the past few years.

    If you are alone, the Holocaust Museum is amazing..but VERY intense. Certainly not a place for young kids.  the Newseum is new and I haven't been yet -but I have been wanting to go. I hear it also isn't a place for young kids.  There is a lot of hype about the Spy Museum - but neither of us were really impressed - and not good with young kids since you have to read everything. There is now a Crime and Punishment museum - but that seems a bit too gruesome for me.

    For food - I love Matchbox - there is one on H St near Chinatown.http://www.matchboxchinatown.com/ - good for kids too.

    Rosa Mexicano is good (and kid friendly) http://www.rosamexicano.com

    Kramerbooks/Afterward cafe is fun. It is in Dupont Circle (which used to be the epi-center of gayculture in DC.) It is a little (but packed) bookstore with a cafe attached. If if is nice out, it is fun to sit outside and people watch. It is near the actual Dupont Circle with a fountain and some green area for the kids to run/play (and it is open really late, if you can get away after the kids are in bed!) http://www.kramers.com/

    Next door to Kramerbooks is Raku (fusion Asian) that we love. It is kid friendly in terms of environment - but depending on how adventurous your little eaters are... :)http://www.rakuasiandining.com/html/washington.html

    Hope this helps! Where are you staying - I probably have more recs depending on where in the city (or outside of it) you are! Enjoy the weather today - it is supposed to be amazing!



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