Help me find a printable for DS.... — The Bump

Help me find a printable for DS....

DS loves ISpy books. We have read most of them b/c we bought them or got them at the library.

I am remembering seeing (when I was a kid? when I was teaching?) books that I would say were similar to ISpy in the sense that they had a ton of things on one page and a list (or pictures) of things for you to find a color. DS would LOVE this! An interactive ISpy of sorts. 

Sounds like something you might see in Highlights Magazine, right?


Any idea on where to find these?

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Re: Help me find a printable for DS....

  • My DD does the Hidden Pictures in Highlights magazine with MIL all the time. At home when she wants to do them I just Google "hidden pictures" and it takes me right to the Highlights website. There they have free printables! HTH!
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