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34/35 weeks - NICU time?

I had my 34 week appt this morning with the MFM and she thinks the babies will be here within the next week.  Baby A (DD) has been measuring significantly smaller than Baby B (DS), and her fluid has been decreasing each week, while his is too high.  It's now borderline at the point where they would want to deliver because she'll do better outside than inside.  I'm going back for another NST and fluid check on Thursday morning, and the doctor told us to come "prepared to be admitted."  We had a growth scan last week and A was 4 lbs and B was 4 lbs 11 oz.  I had steroid shots last month during a PTL scare.

 Sorry for that long lead up to my question... if your babies were born in the 34/35 weeks range, did they need NICU time, and if so, how long?  I know every baby is different, but just trying to get a sense of what to expect.  Thanks!

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Re: 34/35 weeks - NICU time?

  • That's great that you had steroid shot and they're monitoring you so closely.

    Mine were 34w5d, born 4-9 and 4-13, and stayed 10 days and 13 days.  They never needed oxygen and did just great growing and feeding.  They were both scheduled to come home at 10 days, but DS1 decided to crap blood that night, took a temperature dive and earned himself a couple more days of observation in the hot box.   

    Good luck with the home stretch!

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  • sorry they are expecting you to go this early...  your babies MIGHT not need NICU, but will/should not go right home with you.

    are they giving you steriod shots? if not - GET THEM  - to develop lungs faster.  At 34/35w they will do fine- but will likely need some time in the nursery or nicu.... i would NOT want them to come home with me that young.

    one MoM from here who doesn't post much anymore delivered her girls in the 35th week and they went home - and now have lots of problems- and she feels she shouldn't have let them send the babies home that early.

    ETA- spaced- i see you had the shots... hopefully that will help out - there is some data to show it only helps if given soon before delivery.... but it's still good you had them either way.  I had griffin at 36w and he did not need any nicu or nursery time - i had the steroid shots at 32w b/c of PTL.



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  • 35wks 3days, 5.6lbs - 9 days and 5.7lbs - 6 days
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  • My 4-5lb 35 weekers were in for 13 and 14 days respectively. A was there as a feeder/grower as she was 4lb2oz when she was born. B (5lb1oz) was initially there as a feeder, but then had some bradycardia issues that kept her for a total of 14 days.

    I think its the minority of 35w twins who have no NICU time. The good news is most 34-35w babies have a great outcome, with few lasting effects. The Drs just like to watch them and make sure they're eating properly and aren't having any respiratory issues due to prematurity.

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  • My guys were born at 35w1d and didn't need any NICU or special care nursery time.


  • Mine were born at 34w5d.  Weighed 6lbs and 4lbs 13oz.  Both were in the NICU for 17 days as feeders.  Just took them a while to get the whole suck/swallow/breathe thing down.  They never needed assistance breathing!
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  • My babies were born at 34 weeks 6 days.  A weighed 4 lbs 9 oz and B weighed 4 lbs 10 oz.  The were both in the NICU for 8 days. 

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  • Some of it probably depends on your hospital policy.  If a baby was under 5 lbs at our hospital, it was an automatic NICU admit.  I delivered at 35w6d and my smaller DD (4lb12oz) was automatically admitted to the NICU.  My larger DD (5lb14oz) had some minor respiratory issues and earned herself an admit also.  Smaller DD was in 5 days, larger DD, 6 days and then went home on an apnea monitor.  They were never on any oxygen and were just getting eating down.
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  • 34.5

    8 days, both came home together.

    5.9 and 4.11

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  • 35wk1day - no NICU. they roomed in with us.
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  • 35w2d, DD (5lbs 7oz) spent 12 hours in special care nursery being monitored and then roomed in and went home. DS (5lbs 9oz) spent 26 days in NICU for RDS.
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  • Mine were just barely 34w3d and they each spent 11 days in the NICU.  They never needed oxygen--just had to learn to regulate their temps, eat, and gain weight.  

    Good luck!   

  • FWIW, I have two friends whose singleton boys were born right at 35w. One was in the special care nursery for 5 days. The other had to be in the nursery the first 24 hrs for monitoring but had no problems and went home with his mom.
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  • Hudson and Landry were born at 34.6 wks....really about 4.5 hours shy of 35 wks.  : )

    Landry was 4.2 lbs and Husdon was 5.9 lbs.  They started Hudson in the well baby nursery but, he was burning to many calories trying to keep warm so they put him in the NICU with his sister, who was there because of her low birth weight.

    They both stayed in the NICU for exactly two weeks.  The first several days they were there they both had two apnea spells but, were able to recover completely on their own however, each of the episodes automatically bought them 10 extra days each.  They were basically in there for eating, growing and keeping warm.



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  • My girls were born at 34 weeks, 6 days, at 5 pounds and 5 pounds 1 oz. and were in the NICU only 30 min. They were ready to go home before I was! 
  • My boys were born at 34 weeks exactly.  I got the steroid shots at 28 weeks. They both weighed 4lb 13oz.  They were both in the NICU for 13 days.  They never needed oxygen.  They never had apneas or bradys.  They had to learn to eat and maintain body temp and they were under phototherapy for jaundice.
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