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ask and ye shall receive

Send me your email to: jacnabe DOT gmail DOT com


You will, in return, receive an invite to a shiny, new (read: plain and simple), private forum. 


Let's see how this goes!

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Re: ask and ye shall receive

  • This is probably common sense to everyone, but I think you meant jacnabe AT gmail DOT com (right?)
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  • I am curious. YGM
  • woot!
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  • YAY!!! I'm glad someone jumped all over that because I want a private one so badly for this group but would have no idea how to do that myself :)
  • I'm sending one even though the last thing I need is another way to chat with you people, LOL.  My productivity suffers when I let myself be sucked into the nest/bump.
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  • Thanks for setting this up!
  • YGM!  Thank you!!!
  • Thanks for setting this up! I have juicy stuff to tell, but I can't on this board. :-)
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