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Lejeune Ladies... (long ish)

Hey Everybody, I am new to this board and I have a question for anybody that has delivered out in town. With my first pregnancy I delivered at Naval and while I didn't have an excellent expirence I was still hoping to deliver at naval this time around. But of course Tricare has to make things difficult and now I am seeing a Dr. out in town and I have to deliver this baby at the hospital out in town. Has anybody had their baby at the hospital in town and what was your expirence like? THANKS!
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Re: Lejeune Ladies... (long ish)

  • I assume you will be delivering at Onslow Memorial?  I lived in Jacksonville for 10 years.  All of my friends (and some students -  yikes) delivered at Onslow.  I never heard any negative stories - and I have some pretty high maintenance friends.  I was at two of the births and they both went very smoothly. I thought the L&D and post-partum staff was very professional, but again, I was just an observer.
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  • My friends that have delieverd at Onslow have had good experiences.  One just had hers about 4 months ago.
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  • I haven't heard anything about Onslow's Labor and Delivery, but I have heard nothing but bad things about any other part of the hospital.  I had to go to the ER there and I literally waited around for a doctor to sew my eye for 3 hours. In the time it took me to be seen I could have driven to the base.
  • I had my son at Onslow in April 2009 and had a GREAT experience.  The nurses were so friendly!  In fact, all my L&D, PP, and nursery nurses each sent me thank you notes (it's funny getting a thank you note for allowing them to care for me LOL).  None of my other friends have received notes from their nurses, so I assume I must be very congenial while drugged.  I ended up having an emergency C-Section after being in labor for what seemed forever, and my nurses stayed after their shift ended to find out the sex (we chose not to find out) and see how big the baby was.  The food wasn't good, but all the heavy drugs made me not hungry.  I've brought friends fast food, so you can always get someone to bring you something better!  


    I'm currently due in Oct, and I'm going up to New Bern (my husband works there now, and we hope to move up as soon as our house sells).  If my doctor hadn't stopped delivering babies though, I would've stayed with him/Onslow Memorial.  I hope you have a great experience like I had! 

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