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Please share your Induction Experience..

Had my last Dr's appt. today and I am 2-3 cm dilated and 70% effaced.  My doctor told me that I was favorable to go on my own but we scheduled an induction date for February 17th.  I would love to hear your experience if you had an induction...what were your stats? would you do it again? etc... Thanks : )
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Re: Please share your Induction Experience..

  • I was induced and looking back, I wish I had not done it.  I wasn't very effaced or dilated at all (like 1 and 30%) and was 41 weeks, but I kind of wish I would have let him come on his own.  I wanted a natural birth, but when you are induced you are basically strapped to the bed with monitors.  There's no getting up and walking, or using the shower/bath, etc.  The pitocin makes contractions much worse also. I waited about 14 hours of labor before I ended up with Stadol (don't take this drug! It makes you soooo loopy and out of it) and then eventually an epidural after about 21 hours.  I pushed for three hours, but ended up with a csection because he was sunny side up and coming out a bit of an angle.  I wonder if he would have turned over eventually on his own if we would have waited.  In the end he was a big (8 lb 6 oz) and healthy baby though and my csection recovery was alright.  I would just say that one medical intervention really does tend to snowball into a whole bunch of interventions, and I would avoid the induction unless there is a situation where it is not healthy for the baby to stay in any longer.
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  • My induction (due to a slow AF leak where labor did not start naturally) went really well and I had no complications, but I have to say that I would never elect to be induced.  I was 3 cm and 30% effaced when they started pitocin.

    In general, pitocin contractions are often much more painful than natural contractions.  Mine were awful and I didn't have much time in between them.  I felt like something was going to explode out of my @ss.  Also, it was policy at the hospital I delivered at to have monitors strapped to you for the duration of labor to monitor your contractions and the baby's heart rate during an induction.  I think most hospitals do this.  Having the monitors strapped to you is sooo annoying, and it makes you much less mobile.

    GL with whatever you decide.

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  • My induction was actually a pretty good experience. I was only about 1.5 and maybe 40-50% effaced. They gave me Cervidil on Tuesday night around 10pm, broke my water at 6:30a Wednesday morning. After about an hour and a half of contractions, I got an epidural and I gave birth at 6:31p. After I got the epidural, I really didn't feel any contractions, just a lot of pressure. I'd definitely do it again. 
  • I was "induced" last week. I went in and they checked me. I was 3cm 50%, and the doctor and I decided to just break my water and see if that put me into labor. Well 2 hours later she came in and said she was thinking about starting pitocin, because my contractions were not showing up on the monitor. I was barely having any, but I was having some. Well I told her no, that I wanted to wait and see what my body did. So I talked her into checking me and I was at a 6! That check pushed things faster and 3 hours later I was pushing and my son was born 4 minutes after I started pushing. So needless to say, my story was great, and they did not need pitocin after all. So you can talk to your doctor and see if that is a possibility.
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  • At my last Doctor's apt, I was %90 effaced, and almost 4 cm dilated (I had been contracting every 15 minutes for 4 weeks). The Doctor said that due to the risk of infection, he did not want me to go past my due date. We went in to the hospital at 5am on 12/2. I was so shocked how quickly everything  went! By 6, I was hooked to monitors, my water was broke, and I was started on pitocin. Contractions started heavy and hard about 6:30. We waited, and waited, and waited, and at lunch time I had not dilated another cm. I was still stuck at 4. Around 3:30 I told DH that something was wrong. I couldn't breathe, I could breathe out but I could not get a breath in. About this time, my BP monitor went off. My BP had dropped to 38/47, and my temp went up to 104.8. I was put on an ice bath and fluids were started to try to get my BP up. LO's heart rate began to spike and, really, never came back down. I was diagnosed with chorioamnionitis. It is a rare infection that occurs when bacteria crosses through the amniotic sac. I was immediately started on antibiotics (genomyocin, ampicillin, and one other....) We waited until 7, the DR said that if I was not ready to deliver within the hour that we would need to get the baby out. At 7, he checked and I was still at 4cm.


    We were taken back for a c-section and DS was born at 7:24 and weighed 8lbs 4oz's, and was 19.5 inches . I had a rare experience, but I was so thankful to have such an astute doctor to diagnose and act so quickly!

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  • I was TOTALLY against an induction until I got to 41 weeks and still was only 1 cm and 50%.  Then I just broke down and allowed an induction at 41 weeks and 5 days. 

    I had a GREAT induction.  Went in @ 7PM they monitored me and baby for about an hour on the monitors and then inserted the Cervadil to soften the cerix.  Monitored me for an additional hour to make sure it didn't throw me into labor and then basically left me alone all night.  I requested a small dose of something to help me sleep at the suggestion of others who were induced and glad I did.  The nurse came in at 5AM and allowed me to get off of the monitors to shower and just move around a little bit (I would stronlgy suggest this) They started the pitocin at 6AM.  I was still 1 cm at that point.  My contractions started shortly there after and OUCH!  My Dr. checked me at 8AM and I was 2 cm and having minute long contractions every other minute.  I requested an epidural.  Got the epidural around 9ish, felt very nauseus so told the nurse.  She gave me phenergan and I went to sleep.  I woke up at 11:45 feeling PRESSURE!  Told the nurse and she checked me.  Low and behold I was complete.  Called my Dr and 10 minutes later I was pushing.  Pushed twice and DD was born at 12:07!!

    There are good stories out there about inductions, but I would personally never choose to be induced just like I wouldn't choose a C/S. The truth is that being induced significantly (I think by 50%) increases your chances of C/S.  GL!

  • I went in and was 1.5 cm and about 25 % effaced. When they hooked me up I was contracting on my own pretty well. They weren't painful, just tightening. About an 1.5 hrs later they came in to insert the foley cathter to get me to 4 cm, but when they checked me, I was at 3cm on my own so they didn't need to do the foley. They started my pitocin at 10 and they increased the contractions immensly. I had horrible back labor and got some IV pain killers. By 5am I was 5 cm and was able to get my epi. They came in and broke my water and then kind of left me to rest.

    They check me at 1:20 pm and I was 10cm and +3. The delivery team rushed in and ds was born at 1:29pm.

    Other than they 4-5 hrs of horrible back labor, the induction was pretty easy.



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  • I had my last Dr.'s appointment at 39 weeks 3 days.

    I was 2cm and 50% effaced. 

    I ended up getting induced at 39 weeks 5 days because my bag of water was leaking. I was around 80% and 3cm.

    The induction process started with them inserting a pill into my cervix at 2:30pm and then at 6:30 they checked, I had progressed. They were going to start potocin so I asked for the epidural. According the Dr. they really pushed the potocin, at Around midnight or so they checked me and I was 10cm. I placed into a sit up position to allow the baby to "drop" and sat that way for an hour. After doing a practice push, they got the Dr. and the baby was born at 1:23 am.

    The only downside was the baby was being stubborn and would only allow the monitoring to work if I layed on my left side, which was not comfortable after a while.

    So overall I had a very successful, uncomplicated induction. I would do it again.

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  • I saw my doctor earlier in the week and we had planned to admit me to the hospital on thursday night and then induce labor on Friday morning. I went to bed on Wednesday night thinking that I had another day before I left for the hospital and that we had everything "planned".. Well, at 5:20 in the morning on Thursday, 1/13/11, my water broke and woke me up from sleep. I ran to the bathroom to make sure that it was my water and quickly woke up my husband. It was my water breaking, so we called the doctor immediatey. The doctor told us to get to the hospital within the hour, so we started getting ready to head out. I jumped in the shower and had to change several times after dressing because the breaking of the water continued to happen several times before we got into the car! My husband was rushing around the house trying to gather his things, the camera, the video camera and anything else we needed to get to the hospital. Within the hour we were on our way.

    When we got to the hospital they checked me into my room and I met with the nurses to be examined.It was about 7am, and I was less than a centimeter dialated. At this point, I was in no pain. I was in shock that our baby would soon be here and was nervous becuase I didn't know what to expect.. A few hours passes and our mother's had arrived at the hospital to support us. My doctor decided to put me on petosin to increase contractions, little did I know what was in store for me! The petosin started to bring on contractions, which were more painful than anything I have ever experienced. It was about 10am now and the contractions were starting to come, I was doing a lot of screaming, but my mom instructed me to breathe thru them, which helped somewhat, but nothing was making the pain go away. I asked when could I get the epidural and the nurse told me not until I was 4 centimeters dialiated, WHAT???!!! I was in such pain and I had to wait!! After another few hours of crying and pain, the Dr. approved me to get the epidural. This was around 2pm, so another 30 minutes passed before the dr put it in. I was still able to feel the contractions, but the intensity was not as bad as it had been.

    After being on the petosin for several hours, I had only dialiated to 4 centimeters! My Dr. came in and told me that we would give it another hour until 4pm, but that if I didn't dialate anymore, a c-cection would be needed. I waited the hour and when the dr came back to check me and told me I didn't progress past the 4 centimeters, I would need the c- section. Although I was a little upset about not getting to experience the natural birth, I wanted to put the health of our baby first and I knew the dr. knew best. At a few minutes past 4pm, they took me out of the room and wheeled me down to the OR for my c-section. My husband was by my side until we got to the room, but then he had to stay outside until they had me ready for the surgery to begin. Pete came into the room a few minutes later after they had me ready for surgery and a few minutes later, at 4:51pm..the miracle birth our daughter was here! Madison was born!! All I could think about was hearing her cry and listening to the doctor say "it's a girl"..hearing her cry from her first breath of air was a sound I will never forget, it brings tears of joy to my eyes just thinking of it. I briefly saw her in the OR, and then she was taken with my husband to the nursery to get cleaned up. I was taken to another room for an hour of post op observation. I remember waking up about 6:15pm and couldnt wait to see my baby. I got back to my room shortly after, but was told that they were still cleaning up the baby and it would be some time before she was brought to the room.
    At around 8pm, after hours of patiently waiting, my baby girl was brought to my room and I got to hold her. She was beautiful and perfect in every way. Looking into her eyes melted my heart. It was crazy to think that just a few hours earlier she was inside by body, and now she was here in our world so cute and loving. My husband and I were in awe and couldnt get enough of her. Our family was there to celebrate with us, and everyone was so happy to see her and to hold her. It was a moment that I will never forget and will cherish for the rest of my life.

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  • image MrsDrCook:
    Had my last Dr's appt. today and I am 2-3 cm dilated and 70% effaced.  My doctor told me that I was favorable to go on my own but we scheduled an induction date for February 17th.  I would love to hear your experience if you had an induction...what were your stats? would you do it again? etc... Thanks : )

    I had a very successful and smooth induction. :) When I went in that morning, I was almost 2cm dilated and 80% effaced. They hooked me up to the IV, my OB broke my water, and they started the Pitocin shortly after. I went to about 6 cm before getting an epidural. I pretty much passed out and woke up at 9 cm, and I guess the epi was off center because I felt a fair amount of pain on my right side. I fell asleep again and woke up at 10cm, ready to push. I pushed for almost an hour. It ended up being a grand total of 16 or so hours of labor. Although next time I am hoping to go into labor on my own, I would do it again no problem if I had to. The staff at the hospital were excellent too, which really makes a difference.

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  • I had an induction and WAS able to walk the halls, take a bath, etc while on pitocin. I had wireless monitors around my belly and my husband walked beside me with the 'tree' in the halls. My contractions were bearable but once my water broke (on its own), ouch! They became very intense and I had an epi within an hour. Good luck lady!
  • Lurking...but I had a really good induction experinace. I arrived for my induction at 0830, everything was underway by 0930. They checked me when I got to the hospital, and I was 4.5 cm's, and 70% effaced. They broke my water around 1130, I tried the epi at 1200, again at 1215, and again at 1245. All epi's failed so I had to do it pain med free. My LO was born at 144pm.  Compared to my 17 hour labor with DD who came on her own, the induction was a piece of cake!


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  • If I could go back I wouldn`t have been induced. It was seriously the worst experience of my life. Besides the fact that pitocin causes more painful contractions with fewer breaks in between, it can also cause fetal distress. In my case it caused my baby's heart to stop after 16 hours of hard labor and i had to have an emergency c section. There wasn't even time to give me the spinal so i had to go under and didn't meet my son until 3 hours after he was born. Another side effect of the pit was that i lost too much blood during and after surgery so i had to be given blood. I went into shock and there were just a lot of complicattions. Some doctors really push induction but they don't always mention the side effects. Unless you have a real medical reason, like you're past 42 Weeks or have blood pressure problems or ruptured membranes, there's no reason to be induced. Currently 50% of inductions end in c sections like mine did. Sorry to sound like a negative nancy but I wish I would have had the opportunity to just wait it out. Hopefully you will go into labor on your own and not have to worry about it. I was 3 cm and 75% effaced and my dr also said i was favorable, so you never know. 1ht.
  • I went into my induction already dilated to 3cm.  Induction was started at 7am with breaking my water and starting pitocin.  I started having contractions within about 20 minutes and by 8:30 they were horribly painful so I asked for the epidural at about 8:45 am.  Due to an emergency c-section the anesthesiologist didn't get to me until about 9:40...They checked me immediately after and I was already 8 cm!  I delivered a baby girl at 10:37 am...3 and a half hours after the induction began.  The induction itself was super easy and I would do it again in a heartbeat...the only downside was that my epidural didn't work...but it did work in my first two deliveries so I'm not sure what that was all about...

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  • I didn't have a bad induction experience, just an unsuccessful one.  I was fingertip dilated and not effaced when I was induced.  They did cervadil for 12 hours overnight.  After that I was 1 cm dilated and about 50% effaced.  Baby was still high.  Started pitocin, started having contractions 2-3 minutes apart.  After several hours on pitocin, I made no progress and the contractions weakened.  We opted to go for the c-section.  I didn't want to get into an emergency situation.  We prepped and waiting for an OR to open up and the c-section went perfectly.
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  • I was only 4 days past my due date when I was induced. I was barely a fingertip dilated. They did the catheter thing to help me dilate and started pitocin around noon. Catheter came out within an hour or two and I was only 2cm at that point. At 6-7pm I was 3cm and she broke my water. I had not felt any contractions until after my water was broken, and right away I was in excruciating pain. I had 2 doses of Stadol but LO's heart rate kept dropping so they would not give me an epidural. I agree with PP about the Stadol, it made feel waaaaasted drunk the second it kicked in but only helped the pain for an hour, maybe even less. But it's all they would give me for the pain. At 1am, a nurse checked me and said I was only 7cm. LO's heart rate was still unstable so my doc ordered the epidural and told me I was going to have to have a c-section. As she was talking I felt the need to push. She checked me and I was at 10cm so she said we could try pushing but if I didn't get him out before the anesthesiologist got there with the epidural that she was still going to have to cut him out. DS was born after just 10 minutes of pushing at 1:23am.

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  • I was induced at 40 w 3 days due to gestational cholestasis- apparently rare, but associated with an increased risk of stillbirth.  I went in at 4 PM on Friday and they started the pit by 6 PM.  I was 75% effaced and 2 cm dilated.  I was stuck at 2 until 4 AM when the doctor broke my water.  I dilated to a 3 and the contractions were STRONG after my water was broken.  However, I stayed at a 3 until noon and they began to talk c-section.  Since I wanted to see my DS, we went ahead and discussed an epidural.  Right after I got it, I progressed to a 5 and stayed there until 5 PM.  I then got a fever and my epi wore off.  We discussed a c-section again due to the chance of infection due to the increased temp.  By the time the doctor got there at 7 PM I was 9.5 cm dilated.  By the time he was ready for me, I was fully dilated and the baby was sooooo close to being out already.  I pushed for 10 minutes and he was out!

    Overall, I won't ever CHOOSE an induction, but if it is necessary I obviously had an ok experience besides the fact that it took over 24 hours for him to be born and I ended up with an epi (I had wanted to try it without the drugs).  The pitocin contractions were incredibly difficult and came very close together.

  • I had a wonderful experience. A week before my due date I was 2-3 cm dilated and 75% effaced and my doctor scheduled my induction. I was induced on my due date, they broke my water around 6:30 am, hooked up to the pitocin, got the epidural around 8 or 9am, started pushing about 1:15 pm and had the baby at 1:56. It was a heck of a lot easier than I thought it would be. I would do it again.

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  • I had a really good induction experience. Went in at 9. Started pitocin at 10:30. I got the epidural pretty early on at the suggestion of the nurse and from then on I really didn't feel a thing. I slept on and off most of the day. The worst part was not eating just because when my blood sugar gets low it makes me feel sick pretty fast. But I progressed steadily and at midnight I was ready to push. 2 and a half hours later I had my baby!

    I didn't request the induction, but looking back I really like how everything happened. I wasn't against intervention, so the drugs didn't bother me. It was nice not worrying about my water breaking at home, timing contractions, and not having to worry about the weather and driving an hour to the hospital. Might be flame worthy, but I have a happy healthy baby and I wouldn't change a thing. 

    ETA: I was also 2-3 cm, but not sure of the effacement. Just said I was favorable for induction. Whatever that means. 

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  • My induction was great.  I was 2cm dilated from about 37 weeks and I had lots of Braxton Hicks, but never progressed into real labor.  I was induced 5 days after my due date.  When I went in I was still only 2 cm & 80% effaced.  They broke my water and started me on pitocin at about 8:30 a.m.  They did have monitors on me, but I was up and walking around the halls (and they encouraged me to do so).  My contractions started getting pretty painful around 11:00 and I got my epidural by noon.  The epidural kicked in within 5 minutes and it was smooth sailing from there. The doctor checked me about 1:00 and I was only 4-5 cm.  She told me to expect it could be another 5 or 6 hours, but it went really fast from there. Around 3:00 I was feeling pressure and the nurse checked me and I was complete and ready to push.  We had to wait a bit for the doctor.  I pushed for about 20 minutes and my baby girl was born at 3:55 p.m.  I was only in real pain for about 30-45 minutes before I got my epidural and then I had no pain, but I could feel enough to push, etc.  Everything went perfectly from my point of view.  One of the first things I said to my husband was that it was a lot easier than I expected it to be.  Don't be scared-there's a good probability it will go great!
  • I went in for my induction at 41w exactly, and I had a great experience.  My cervix was only a "dimple" dilated and "soft".  Cervadil was inserted at 5 p.m., and I started having contractions at 7 p.m.  At 9 p.m., I was 1 cm.  From 11 - 3 a.m., I had contractions every two minutes for a minute - they were pretty intense.  By 3 a.m., I was 4 cm at got my epidural.  My water broke on its own at 4:30 a.m., and I was 10 cm by 6:30 a.m. - no Pitocen needed!  Her head had still not descended very far, so they allowed me to labor down until 8 a.m.  I started some pushing at 8 a.m., but it wasn't very effective, so I took some time to change positions to get her head down further.  By 9:15 a.m., I had my DD.  I was really worried about being induced (especially given my stats going into the hospital), but it was a great experience.
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  • I was induced because I had pre eclampsia so I didnt have a choice. I was induced at 38 weeks 1 day. At the start of induction I had my first internal in which I was 1.5cm dialated and 60% effaced, and that internal made me loose my mucus plug. They started magnesium for 2 hours for the pre eclampsia to prevent seizures, and then the pitocin after that. I was in 'early labor' for 26 hours, meaning I never got to be 4cm dialted even after they broke my water (I got to 3cm and 75% effaced) so I never made it to the pushing stage, but I had steady contractions every 3-5 minutes throughout those 26 hours. At the 26 hour mark they decided to give me a c-section. Once they had me on the table they realized why I never dialated past 3cm- DS's head was transverse- meaning he was head down and in the correct position but his head was in the wrong direction which means he was not pressing down on my cervix properly which is why I couldn't dialate anymore and they needed to use the vacuum in the c-section to help get him out still. Luckily he only had 1 tiny bruise from it.

    The surgery and recovery was not too bad and I would have expected it to be way worse. I am 2 weeks PP now and since 6 days PP I have been able to be out and about just fine with only taking motrin. I wouldn't wish an induction on anybody unless your past due or its medically necessary- the pitocin was not very fun as it makes the contractions way more intense.

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  • I would NOT do it again. I went in 50% effaced and 1 cm dilated. We did cervadil overnight for 12 hours. Started pitocin. Two hours later, they broke my water. I was in hard labor (contraction every 2 minutes) for the next 10 hours. And....I STILL was at -1 station. Baby never dropped....but her heart rate did. After she had fluctuating heart rate for a couple of hours, they decided it was time for a c/s.
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  • I was induced at 37w2d due to pre-e. It went ridiculously well: 5.5 hrs after starting the Pitocin drip, I was fully dilated. I pushed for 11 minutes and she was here. I was almost 3 cm dilated when I got to the hospital.

    The short version: I got to the hospital at 10:30 a.m. I was in my room hooked up to Pitocin at 11:00. Doc broke my water at 1:00 (I was still at almost 3 cm at that point). I asked for my epidural around 2:30 or 3:00 because I was having back labor pains. Actually received epidural at 3:30. Felt urge to push at 4:20, doc checked progress and I was at 10 cm so I started pushing at 4:30 and she was born at 4:41. I had a much harder time delivering the placenta than the baby!

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  • i was induced at 38 wks due to high BP.  i had a pretty good experience.  i was 2 cm and they broke my water and started me on pitocin.  my contrations started right away and felt like they were right on top of each other... from the start to her delivery took 7 hours.  i was able to go epi free. 

    worst part of my experience was the meds they had me on for my BP... that stuff made me so hot and feel like crap... other then that though the induction wasnt bad.



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