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Gestational Diabetes Baby Shower?

Does anyone currently have GD or had to plan a menu around it?  I'm throwing a shower in a month for my bff who failed her glucose test and we were going to do cupcakes and a cute table of "Katie's Kravings" with all the weird stuff she's been craving, which is mostly starches and sweets... except none of that exactly complies with the GD diet as far as I know.  Anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to how to get around this?  Is Splenda safe?  TIA!
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Re: Gestational Diabetes Baby Shower?

  • I would talk with your friend.  I know that most of my friends and myself have tried to avoid artificial sweeteners while pregnant.  However everyone is different and she might not worry.

    I would definitely try to balance the craving table with some healthier options because most likely with the % of people that are diabetic anymore someone else one your guest list is probably diabetic too.

    To be honest I would just google a GD menu and see what comes up.

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  • I was a Vegan before getting pregnant, now vegetarian.  There are so many recipes online to make yummy desserts.  No artificial sweeteners, all safe.


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  • Buffalo Wings are low in carbs as are some dips.  Does she like bacon?  Maybe you can make a few apps that involve bacon like Pioneer Woman's bacon wrapped jalapeno's ? Oh you might also try wraps made with whole grains. 
  • GD Mom here.  Splenda and aspartame are fine for moms with GD per my diabetes educator.  I would keep it to a minimum and maybe just do cupcakes with it instead of having an entire table full of splenda sweets.  You could also just do a normal cake, one tiny slice for one day won't kill her. 

    Aside from that, I would do healthy options...veggies and dip (or hummus), maybe quartered turkey sandwiches on whole wheat, a healthy salad (or chicken salad), some cut fruit skewers.  Variety is good, but I think it would kink of suck to be the guest of honor and not be able to eat the wide variety of sweets on the cravings table.   JMO.  You're a great friend for trying to accomodate!

  • I am cleared to have artificial sweeteners but I still try to avoid them. I think I would stay away from a "cravings" table, that is not fair if you can't eat any of it! 

    I get a lot of my recipes from here: most of their foods are really good. But you can never go wrong with fresh veggie trays or cheese and meat rolls. Also, find out if she is on a calorie diet and tell her what you are thinking because she may have to plan the rest of her day around the shower if it is going to be higher then normal. And be sure to check that she isn't on a certain eating schedule so you can plan it around the time she eats. :) hth 

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  • I co-hosted a shower for my SIL who had GD during her last pregnancy.  We still had cute baby-decorated petit fours, but we also had a cheese and fruit tray for her.  She didn't mind us having sweet things for the guests; we just made sure to provide things that she liked to snack on!

    I'd definitely avoid Splenda.  From what I've heard, it's considered one of the artificial sweeteners to definitely stay away from during pregnancy.  Certain other artificial sweeteners are considered safe. 

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  • Just my opinion here, but now that you know she has GD isn't a table of sweets extremely tacky?  It was a cute idea before you knew, but now that you know it doesn't sound that great.  

    If it were my shower, I would be embarrassed by all of my cravings being on display, especially since everyone assumes that GD is caused by eating like a pig (even though that's not necessarily true).  I would think of another idea for the shower.  Maybe one that is not focused around food.  There are TONS of cute baby shower ideas out there; you don't have to get stuck on this one.

    As far as a GD menu, I would go with healthy food like fresh veggies, salads, fruit, and a light dessert.  Google Gestational Diabetes Diet for ideas. 

  • I'm not doing a table of sweets, and she loved the cravings idea- we already discussed it, they are mostly carb-y and southern foods (and we live in the south, so it's not odd) but pretty much all stuff she can't have anymore as a result of GD, along with a few odd ball stuff like salt and vinegar potato chips and Jolly Ranchers.  For sweets, I was just looking for an alternative to cake or cupcakes that she'd be able to eat.  Of course I wouldn't do a whole table of sweets.  

     Thanks everyone for the ideas! 

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  • Hi,  my step sister has diabetes and we wanted to make sure we served something she could eat and enjoy.  So I asked her what desert she'd like us to serve at her shower.  She suggested angel food cake and a side of fresh fruit since it was very low sugar.  She said that a slice of regular cake or a cupcake was way to high in sugar and carbs.  I did a little research online and saw that angel food cake is actually one of the recommended deserts for diabetics since it so low in sugar and carbs and doesn't use artificial sweetner. 


    You could always do up a big angel food cake and have a lot of fresh fruit on the side and maybe whip cream for people who want a little extra sweetness. 

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  • I was also going to suggest Angel's Food Cake, blueberries, and whipped cream. All ok!
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  • would love to hear suggestions myself, as I was just diagnosed with GD.
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  • I just found out that i have GD and my doctor told me that i could have splenda because the placenta acts like a filter. The splenda will not affect the baby in any way, If you are still concerned you can always ask your friend what her doctor told her about spleanda.
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