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Who does everyone see for care? Where are you delivering? Where have you delivered in the past, and was it a good experience???
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Re: OB/Hospital

  • I see an OB/GYN at Canadian Valley and also a perinatologist Norman, I've delivered my last two kids at Canadian Valley, my doctor is great. My only complaint is that the women's center staff is just awful. I was in labor at 37 weeks my last pregnancy, went in and the nurse accused me of drinking castor oil and told me I didn't know what real contractions felt like (even though it was my third full term pregnancy) and ended up putting me in tears. My husband asked to speak to a supervisor, but I think the nurse was kind of a veteran there and she didn't get in trouble or anything.

    They gave me a shot of Demerol, sent me home, I slept for a day and the next day when I walked in to see my OB, I was 7cm dilated and had my baby a few hours later.

    Another time I went in complaining of bleeding. They didn't believe me for some reason, didn't check to see if I even WAS bleeding, didn't put a monitor on me or anything, just left me alone in a room for a couple of hours and then sent me home. I went right to another hospital and found I was bleeding from an infection. 

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  • Really, sheesh! 

    I had my last three at Integris Southwest Medical Center. Never had a bad experience there. I was in SEVERAL times for preterm, regular contractions and labor.

    I am trying Saint Anthony's this time.  

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  • i just found out im pregnant woohooo anyways i was going to ou womens clinic before i got pregnant but they are always so busy so i switched drs to saint anthonys to dr mary martin she is so sweet last month she said you are going to get pregnant and last night i took a digital and sure enough PREGNANT her office was closed today cause of the snow hopefully they are open tommorow
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