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Would like some advice from other moms and moms-to-be!

My husband and I are thinking about having a baby. I know you can never be fully prepared but my husband think we need to be lol..Maybe just a man thing. I am so ready to have a baby. I would like to have a natural birth maybe waterbirthing. I have the best OB/GYN but do not think he does either. He is into c-sections..Do you know of any other great dr.s ...also...I have endometriosis and am afraid that we will not be able to get pregnant. Do any of you ladies have this and have anything to say about it?? Any suggestions on preconception/prenatal questions to ask my doctor, or just comments or advice you would like to give me?? Thanks!!

Re: Would like some advice from other moms and moms-to-be!

  • I am from Oklahoma and was pregnant last year.  I used Dr. Stephanie Hall in Owasso.  She was nothing short of amazing!!!  We lost our first baby last year, but Dr. Hall was such an wonderful doctor and person.  She deals with loss on a daily basis, but she was so compassionate with me and my husband.  

    We were planning a Bradley Birth (all natural) and she was totally on-board!!!  Also, you would be delivering at Bailey Medical Center which is a new hospital with great facilities and awesome staff.  Unfortunately after our loss I had to have a D&C at BMC and the hospital staff and surgeons were so supportive.  For being the worst day of my life they made the pain slightly less.


    Dr. Stephanie Hall
    Utica Park Clinic Owasso
    10512 North 110th East Avenue Suite 200
    Owasso, OK, 74055

    Phone Number:

     (918) 371-6460 
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  • I used a midwife at OU Physicians in OKC, and I highly recommend their practice.  Ann was my midwife, but all of the women in that practice are wonderful.  I tried for a Bradley Method natural birth and, unfortunately, ended up with an emergency c-section after 16 hours of labor.  It wasn't a "failure to progress" c-section ... it was prompted by losing the baby's heartbeat.  He came out with blue arms and legs ... so it was definitely time to go in via emergency section ... as much as I hated to make the decision.  The Midwives at OU Physicians deliver at the Children's Hospital in OKC, so there are physicians on hand for emergency situations like mine.  When I first proposed using a midwife, my husband vetoed the idea, thinking that meant we'd be giving birth on our couch at our home.  Ha!  Once he learned we'd be at a hospital, he was "fairly" supportive but had no legitimate argument against my using a midwife. 

    I will return to Ann with my second pregnancy (hopefully this time next year!) and will try for a VBAC ... again naturally. 

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  • I have endometriosis and had a laparoscopy in February to clear it out. I got pregnant in April, so I have a feeling the endo kept me from getting pregnant. Not saying it's like that in every case, but definitely in mine.

    I see Dr. John Thompson. He's affiliated with St. Francis and did my laparoscopy as well as taking care of my pregnancy. He's easily accessible and I like him a lot.

    And most husbands think you have to be "ready" before you have a baby, but even if you plan it, you still don't ever feel ready. But you will definitely have to be on the same page when it comes to having a baby or not. GL!

  • Oh, and if you are looking into a natural birth, you can do a search of midwives or you can also Google the Tulsa Birthing Center. They focus on natural and home births and they have a water birthing thing you can rent I believe.
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