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My fisrt post!!

So, I have only a couple girls that I can talk to, but no ne really close so I am getting no one to vent my frustrations too.  Also, my hubby and I arn't just telling anyone that we are trying to conceive so I cant just ask all my female relatives for advise either.  So here is what I have been going through.  Last June, we finally decided to start our family.  I got pregnant on the first try!  But, I lost the baby 3 months later in September.  And, my mom wasnt really there for me.  None of the girls at work even called to see if I was ok. The only person who was there for me was my hubby, and my sis who had never gone through it.  So no one was able to talk to me to help me through it.  So, we have been trying ever since.  Well, it is now January and still not pregnant.  Now I know there are worse cases out there of women who can't get pregnant, so I should count my blessings, but it is still hard.  Whenever I think of the baby I lost I still cry, because I wanted to be a mommy so bad!  And, I work in retail, so everyday there are women coming in my store with babies, or who are pregnant already, atc..  I am just a young woman with an amazing hubby who wants to be a mommy.  So there, got i all out.  Just would like to have some girlfriends to talk to and cat with about things.  Smile
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Re: My fisrt post!!

  • Hang in there. I had 3 miscarriages before I had my son, 5 weeks now.  It can be a long, frustrating road but keep trying.  My first miscarriage was devastating.  I never thought it would happen to me. I had already planned out my whole new life with a baby and was crushed when I found out I had miscarried.  I was more on guard with the next two but they were difficult as well just knowing I had to start all over again.  There are sooo many people out there that have been through this and yes, some people have it way worse but it doesn't make it hurt any less.
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  • Yeh totally get what ur saying.  I know my story isnt a bad one, but we all hurt from it.  Thanks for the support.  Congrats on ur son!!  That is awesome!
    Married: April 17th 2010 TTTC after Loss August 2010 Trying to Conceive Ticker7 Anniversary
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