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50-60% Effaced!

Well, I am now going to the Ob every week. Yesterday they checked my cervix for the first time and I am 50-60% effaced!  The Doc said "this is great news for her just being your first!" My due date is not until Feb. 23rd. So, I am wondering what the next week to 4 weeks have in store?  Could this possibly mean early baby? This is all new to me. I would appreciate your thoughts! Very Excited :)

Re: 50-60% Effaced!

  • Very exciting.  Sadly I don't remember if it means you will have an early baby, but I hope you enjoy her and have an easy delivery

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  • It means your cervix is thinning and softening.  But no, it is not an indication of "when."  I remember my midwife checked me at 38 weeks in my first pregnancy.  I was 1cm and 75% effaced.  It messed with my head a little bit because I thought...any day now! 

    But hoorah!  Your cervix is doing exactly what it is supposed to!

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  • It's good news, but no unfortunately it does not mean much.  You could stay like that for a long time.
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  • Ladies, Thanks for the heads up!  I actually just went back to the OB on Wed. and I am now dilated to 2cm and 80% effaced! Yayyy! I guess my cervix is doing what it is supposed to. My OB says that I could possibly go into labor before 39 weeks. So we shall see! I have also heard that primrose oil (a natural supplement) and sex (the sperm acting as Oxytocin; which, triggers labor) are 2 great things to speed up the process. I appreciate your thoughts! :)
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