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Hi! Just found this board!

I don't know what has taken me so long to find this board!  I usually hang out on the May and 2nd trimester boards.  Looking forward to chatting with you girls!

Where is everyone delivering?  My doctor is Dr. Rockamann and she delivers and MoBap and St. John's.

Re: Hi! Just found this board!

  • Hi!  I don't think this board gets much traffic.  I'm delivering at Missouri Baptist and hoping for a med-free birth. 
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  • Congrats on the little one's ladies!

    I had my baby back in August and I delivered at St. Joseph's West.
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  • I'm delivering in April and planning on MoBap; I can't wait!
  • I think this board doesn't get much traffic maybe because it doesn't pop up when you go to the local boards- at least for me for some reason it doesn't.

    But I'm due in June and plan on delivering at MoBap or St. John's :)- hoping for a med free birth as well!

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