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What vitamins do you.....

Hi Ladies,

What vitamins do you take on a daily basis? I know a multi is good. Is there any others that should be added into a daily routine?

(i.e. additional vitamin B, etc)

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Re: What vitamins do you.....

  • i take a multi gummie vitamin everyday and it has all the vitmain in it
  • I take a prenatal multi (and did before and will after I'm pg) - I need the extra iron. Then I also take 1000 IU vitamin D because I live up north and don't get any sun on my skin for October - April.

    Right now, I'm also taking extra calcium and magnesium to try to keep leg cramps away. I'll probably quit those once I'm done the bottle.

  • I got my Vitamin D levels checked recently and they were dangerously low so I now take a supplement.  You should get your levels checked if you haven't recently (unless you are lucky enough to live in the land of the sun).
  • I take a regular multi, d vitamin, folate, b complex and omega 3's.
  • prenatal vitamin and a dha supplement
  • Multi, separately I take vitamin b12, d3, and calcium
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  • I take a mulit vitamin and extra Vitamin C.  Usually an additional 1000mg a day-someone is always sick at my house and extra vitamin C seems to help me. 
  • I take a multivitamin with iron, B12, probiotics, calcium and extra iron (because of my recent miscarriage I've had some issues with anemia).

    I'm a big fan of probiotics.

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  • I drink Shakeology daily, which has a full days worth of vitamins and minerals in 1 shake, and it's yummy!
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