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Any GBS+ homebirth mamas?

Has anyone tested positive for Group B Strep and still gone on to have a successful homebirth? How did your midwife handle the antibiotics?  Did you try natural remedies?
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Re: Any GBS+ homebirth mamas?

  • I tried Hibiclens (spelling?). I was still GBS+. My CNM said that I would only have to have antibiotics if I had prolonged rupture of membranes or a fever or...I can't remember the last condition now.

    Anyway, I didn't have a fever in labor. Plus, my water didn't break until I was pushing. So I didn't have antibiotics.

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  • I haven't had my test yet but we've talked about it a little and I know that it won't disqualify me from home birth.
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  • I go Wednesday for the OB checkup and for her to sign off for the homebirth since Im close to term. I can either get teh GBS test or not. My midwife said a plus to getting it is in the event of a transfer, I wont have to just be given the antibiotic if I test negative. If I test +, the OB can write a script for the IV meds if I choose to get them during labor and I can have them administered at home. Or I can do natural methods if I choose to, or do nothing. Theres a less than 1% chance of your baby getting sick if youre GBS+- while its still a real chance, I wont do the IV meds, if I test + Ill just do the garlic vaginally every other week and the weeks off garlic do echinacea and vitamin C.

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  • With my DS I tested positive for GBS and I did a homebirth.. I took antibiotics orally.. Just as soon as I def new labor had started I took it..

    This time around I am positive also and we will do the same thing..

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  • I had GBS with my first daughter (c-section) with normal antibiotics.  For our homebirth, my midwife had me take Oregon Grape Root ( I think that's the right one) for about a month b/f my due date.  She has delivered around 1200 babies and with all her GBS mamas she's used this and said there's never been a problem.  

    Good luck! 

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