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what were/are 4yr girl height & weight?

Curious to see other , DD has well check in 2 months and at 3 year visit she was "on the heavy side" pedi said.  Well she is 38-39 pounds and 39 inches tall. I worry she is still "in a high weight %.   She does not eat lots of junk but also is not a good eater, expecially lately.  She loves fruit, peanutbutter and jelly (real fruit spread not sugar stuff) and rice crispies, that is what she basically lives on :(  So i was wondering how other 4yr olds are.  Also if youi have any tips for opening up more variety, she used to be such a good eater, but not in the past 6 months.
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Re: what were/are 4yr girl height & weight?

  • my dd was always on the opposite end of the chart.  always below 3rd for wt and 10th for ht. she finally got above 10th for both at her 4 y/o physical last year... she was 39" and almost 32lb. ... my niece is 4 as of last sept and is 43" and around 40lb. she's always been at the top of the chart. 
  • DD was 48 inches and 40 pounds. Doctor actually said he was not super happy about her BMI it is low and he wants it in the middle healthy range. She is so outrageously tall but just average for weight. He would like to see her height and weight more balenced.
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  • I think my DD is around 40lbs/40" (her visit is in March).

    She has been on the chunky side but she is "leaning" out now.  She was always big (height and weight) but the pedi wasn't concerned.  I was the tallest girl in my class in 6th grade and so I'm guessing my girls may likely be the same. 

  • I think DD is 37" and she is 31bs... on the small side.
  • My daughter is 29 lb and 37 inches. She is a tiny girl and not a big eater at all. It's a struggle to get her to eat anything!
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  • her official appt is next monday.   unofficially she is aroound 42-43" and 33lbs---lean mean fightin machine!    skinny minny

    she likes fruit, meats, crackers, cheese, not too many veggies but will taste hem at least

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