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Does anyone else have a mother in law that swears their child is 'freazing' even though you dress them like they live in alaska???  Mine will not shut up about how she thinks he's always cold and that she's concerned I don't dress him warm enough.  I brought him to her house today (high of 66) in a turtle neck and fleece coat and he was sweating his butt of and she STILL said that he's probably cold.  ughhh!!!  how do you get them to butt out? 

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  • my grandmother is like that. I asked the pedi about it and he said babies are just like us, hot and cold depending on the outside tempature. So I would tell her "the dr told me..." and fill in whatever I wanted. She eventually stopped mentioning it.
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  • My MIL will probably be the same way.  Both my MIL and my GMIL are already complaining about some of the choices we're making for the baby.  They love to argue about how 'But you really need the bumper pads!  He'll hit his head and hurt himself!'  'If you don't circumcise him he'll be made fun of forever!'  'Don't breastfeed, the bottle is so much easier!'  Gah!

     Thing is... I'm not sure what any of us can really do about nosy family members. ^^;  


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  • yea, unfortunately it hasn't stopped and i am going to have to say something.  i'm normally a pretty live and let live person, but it gets pretty annoying to hear the same thing from her a million times.  my hubby gave her a phone call today...dun dun we'll see...:)
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