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Just irate and angry

It has been 3 weeks exactly since my miscarriage and I feel like I am in the anger stage. Especially with certain family members. How can I feel like being around certain people, but not others? My very close friend just had a baby boy in November and I have no problem visiting her and getting a baby snuggle in, But,I can't seem to spend or tolerate 5 min with my still pregnant sister in law. We are married to twin brothers, so it is hard to avoid her. I guess there are some poeple you can trust and some you cannot. She and my husband's sister have done some pretty shady things towards me in the past and now I just feel like they are not genuine. They act like nothing has happened! Even though I don't want to talk about it, I feel like they should care more. I LOST MY BABY! It has already cause family drama and now I am supposed to go have manicures with them tomorrow?!?!? I just can't do it, I can't. The original plan was to get these manicures was to celebrate the other sis in law and my pregnancies. But, a week before we were suppoesed to go I miscarried. I thought I was emotionally okay, but I don't think I am.

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  • Dont go if you dont want to, they will get over it if you dont go.

    Im also the same way. I cant stand to see certain people. 'Ive seen my SIL in the market and turned around and left and went to a different market. But my other SIL i seem to love being around her.  

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  • I ended up not going, but as I read my post again, I can't believe how I raned like that! I feel like I'm on an emotional rollercoaster. Everyday is different, Reading everyone's experiences with having a miscarriage and the healing process helps and can make you emotional at the same time. It's hard to step back from your own bubble fo feelings sometimes. I just saw your ticker at the end of your post and I was humbled again. I can't even imagine what you have been through recently. It is the hardest thing to ever go through.

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  • I feel that way sometimes too. If you don't want to see them then you shouldn't you are allowed your time to grieve. I also can't stand to be around pregnant people but I still love babies so maybe that is the reason you can see your friend and not SIL.
  • I ended up not going and I was so relieved!

    I know what you mean! One of my closest friends had a baby back in November and I love visiting her and the baby. Holding her baby boy heals my heart. But, my sis-in-law that is still pregnant, I really can't deal with right now. She is due in July and I was supposed to be due at the end of August. This summer might be a little emotional towards the end, whether I am expecting again or not! DH and I are going to start trying after this next cycle starts up again, if it's normal. :)

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