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what did you take with to the hospital for the D&C

Do you still pack a bag? 

I know it's not overnight but I am do know I am going to have at least a 2 hour wait before the D&C since they are doing an u/s for first just to double check everything.

Re: what did you take with to the hospital for the D&C

  • I had a D&E and I know it is not the same, but similar I am assuming. I just took myself and my phone. Honestly prep time took forever so I really didn't have time to do anything else. My D&E was schedule at 10am and I got there at 8am...it tool that entire time to fill out paperwork and prep work. And I was so emotional it went by pretty quickly.

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  • Even though I was 'seen' within an hour of my appointment, I still did a lot of waiting between being shuttled from various rooms (blood tests, ultrasound, etc). I was really glad I brought a book, especially when someone brought the most adorable 7mo baby ever into the waiting room... I needed to be distracted. : ( I was also glad I had my phone, so I could text my DH and let him know what was going on (they only brought him in when I was in recovery.)

    I didn't really need anything else, but I kind of wish I had brought my own pads. I bled a lot after surgery and the pads provided for me just didn't do it, so then I had to sit around in bloody underwear while in recovery/getting discharged. Oh, and I know it's January so this is probably common sense, but I wore a sweater the entire time - doctor's offices are so cold!  

    Other than that, the most important thing to bring is someone for emotional support. I was surprised when women got 'dropped off' by their sig other; it made me feel better just knowing he was nearby, even if he couldn't technically be with me the whole time. 

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  • Don't forget you photo ID.  I know that my hospital's policy is to turn people away from their scheduled surgery if they don't have proper ID on-hand.  Otherwise, I didn't bring much along except for all of my completed paperwork (which my doctor and I worked on when we scheduled the D&C).  I was also instructed to leave all jewlry at home and makeup wasn't allowed either. 

  • I waited a while, but the room they kept us in had its own tv in it. Having my DH there helped. I second what another poster said about pads. I used theirs, but it would've been nice ot have my own with wings. Bring tissues too. I was OK the whole time until they came to take me to the OR. Crying mess.  Sorry this is happening.




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  • Mine was yesterday - I literally took nothing but what I wore.  My DH held my license and insurance card.  I would take a magazine or book to pass the time you have to wait for your u/s, results, etc.  Good luck to you.
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  • I wound up going through the emergency room for mine, so all I had was myself, dh and my purse (which he held on to).   I'm pretty sure that is all I would have brought to my scheduled D&C had I made it to that day.
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  • Comfortable clothes and like PP's stated...YOUR OWN PADS. the hospital ones are horrible.  Take some with wings, because there will be bleeding.  GL!
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  • i just had a d&c on december 3rd so i know exactly what its like. all i took was a llittle penguin that my sister had gave me to make her feel good since she didnt get to come. when they take you into the recovery room if its a nice place like i went to which im sure it will be they gave me a cup with water for the ride home, the fuzzy socks. it wasn't as scary as i thought it was going to be. the only things i needed at all was the insurance card....hope this helps you! :)
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