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oh no, cavity!

Well, my uncooperative 3 year old went to the dentist for the first time and was cooperative for about 2 minutes...just long enough for the dentist to spot a cavity in her rear upper molar.  So, we have to find a pediatric dentist and bring her there now.  We brush her teeth every day since before she even actually had a tooth.  I am sad she has a cavity.  She doesn't hardly ever have sugars and stuff either.  I am nervous about taking her to get it filled because they are going to have to do something to calm her down.  Any good or bad experiences to share about all this?

Re: oh no, cavity!

  • My oldest had a cavity between two teeth at four. I was surprised since we are very diligent about brushing & helping her do it, so she gets a good scrubbing.  We go to a pediatric dentist who is fabulous- they gave her a little nitrous & he said she didn't even wince during the filling.  Ask around with some people you know for recommendations- that's how I found ours, and I couldn't be happier.  We were told that we should start flossing her once a day at that point, so we did and the next time she went in there wasn't a cavity, so hopefully we're doing better.  I personally didn't have my first cavity until I was in my 20's, so I couldn't believe my DD got one so young!
  • Hi, I'm just a lurker over here, but my 3 year old DD also had a cavity at her first ped. dentist appointment.  We went back and her filling went well, and they put sealant on all her molars.  She also had nitrous, and I got to hold her hand the whole time.  Her dentist said that she's one of a small number of kids that age who need sealant on their 2 year molars - apparently it has to do with how "ridg-ey" her molars are - which also explains the cavity?  We brush her teeth twice a day, she rarely eats sugary foods and neither DH or me had a cavity until we were out of college!  We now floss her teeth every night, too.  Just need to keep vigilant, I guess. I was certainly surprised at the cavity.


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