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Cost of infant daycare in/near Charlotte?

DH have started TTC and I'm starting to reconsider if we really have enough money for all of this.  Our combined income is just over $50k/year.  We live in a suburb just outside of Charlotte and both work in Charlotte.  What do you all pay for infant daycare?
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Re: Cost of infant daycare in/near Charlotte?

  • It really depends on where you live. You can find an in-home center for less than a daycare center usually. I pay about 700/month. One thing that helps is that with my work I can contribute to a flex spending account, so $5k/yr  of my daycare expenses aren't taxed, which is a decent amount of money that i'm not paying in taxes. There is a NC childcare website (can't remember the name...) you can sign up for  a free 30 day trial and it will let you search for daycares (centers/inhome0 in your area and usually lists the cost.

     Good luck!

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  • My LO will be in a church daycare and its $800/month.
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  • We live in Indian Trail and P's day care is $165/week. That was far and away the best price we found. Luckily, that day care also happened to be the one that we liked most in terms of how they interacted with and treated the infants.
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  • If you live in/near FM- look there before you look in Charlotte. We found that the daycares are far cheaper. I also agree with looking for in-home care. That's what we've done with DD and it works out really well for us!

  • we're just north of CLT and infant daycare is right around $900-1000/mo.
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